Rule the undead in Zombie Tycoon for PSP

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Zombie Tycoon logo screen

Everyone is into killing zombies these days.

A couple games, including Left 4 Dead 2 and Borderlands, will feed our zombie addiction over the next several months. Handheld zombie games, however, seem to be few and far between. Who wouldn’t want to kill zombies on the go or how about controlling them?

This is what Zombie Tycoon is all about. Zombie Tycoon has been released today (October 29, 2009) on the PlayStation Store for $7.99 and is the latest game to grace the PSP Minis library.

Your goal in Zombie Tycoon is to lead three different zombie squads in world domination. You’ll use the zombies to roam the streets to kill anyone who still has warm blood and a functioning brain. Zombie Tycoon has ten levels to play through and plenty of loot that can be used to equip your zombies and enhance their abilities. The game also lets you destroy buildings which is a pretty nice touch.

Zombie Tycoon isn’t meant to be a scary or serious game. It has a story involving a mad scientist who creates ridiculous things like walking roasted chickens. It’s all kinds of silly and perhaps is also all kinds of fun.

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