Stay in this Halloween and play these spooky games

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Forget Trick or Treating and Haunted Houses, stay home this Halloween and play some frightening game with your best friends! Of course, it would be better if you knew the best games to play.

So here you are, a list of some particularly spooky games you can play this Halloween, assuming you can get ahold of them. These should be enough to tide you over this long Saturday. There of course are many more survivor horror games on the market, but these are some personal favorites. Perhaps you and your friends should wear a costume while you play, to really get into the spirit of the holiday.

Fatal Frame: (PS2, Xbox) This is possibly on of the scariest games I have ever played. You play as a young girl who goes to a haunted mansion to find her lost brother. She is equipped with only a special camera that captures the spirits of evil ghosts when she clicks a picture of them. The game is eerie silent the whole time, with only a few groans and squeals when the ghosts attack you. As you walk around the camera angle changes, so you could be walking down a hallway then suddenly the camera is behind you and so is a creepy specter. As you play through you learn the horrible story of the mansion, and why your brother is really missing. There are also two sequels that are equally good. Do not play this game alone!

uninvited_screenshotUninvited: (NES)An oldie buy goodie. You play as a man who’s car just crashed in front of a creepy mansion (of course!). You wake up to find your girlfriend is missing and you go inside to investigate. The game play is point and click adventure, and is also first person. As you go from room to room, ghosts show up, you have to figure out how to get rid of them to progress, and if you try talking to them or pick the wrong option, you will get brutally ripped apart by the ghosts! Also you have to be careful what you pick up because some items may be cursed. There is also a rather adorable little demon walking around that is more of an Easter Egg than anything, but makes the game that much more fun.

Silent Hill 3: (PS2) There are a whole bunch of these out now, but I would say the third was the best. Even though it’s the third in the series, this game is actually the direct squeal to the first game. You play as Heather (who has a connection to a character from the first Silent Hill) who witnesses first hand the horrors of Silent Hill when she is out shopping at the mall. She is now forced to go on a journey to figure out why she was sucked into the world, and how to get out of it. Oh and did I mention she has a evil dark side that is stalking her around Silent Hill? What is most scary about Silent Hill is the fact that there are two worlds; the real world, which is full of mean dogs and monsters, then there is the world of Silent Hill which is also full of monsters, but also full of gory blood stained walls, grotesque backgrounds, and just downright creepy characters. And you never know when the world will suddenly change. As you play the game you run into other people that are trapped in this new world, and you have to help them as they help you. Sure this game doesn’t have Pyramid Head, but it is still downright scary!

luigis_mansion_screenshotLuigi’s Mansion: (Gamecube) Why not take a break from the scares and play a really cute little Halloween game with Luigi? In this little gem, you play as Luigi who is out to save his brother Mario for a change. Mario is kidnapped by the scary Boo’s and it is up to Luigi and his flashlight to save him. You search around a scary mansion and use your flashlight and other tools you get to vanquish the monsters. You can also find hidden artifacts and collectibles to earn extra points. The game is easy and very fun for all ages. The game is a bit scary in it’s own way, but no one will be more scared then poor little Luigi!

Resident Evil: (all systems) I would get yelled if I didn’t include these games. It is hard to pinpoint which RE game was the best since there are so many and they are all good, so lets just discuss it as a series. Each game has it’s own unique storyline, but the idea is always the same. Escape from huge hoards of crazy ravenous zombies and animals using awesome weaponry. Nothing is scarier then walking into a room and having a huge zombie dog lunge at you from nowhere! You also, at times, are aided by others trying to escape the zombies, and in certain cases need to save other people from the vileness. What makes the series to good is that fact that there are multiple endings in some games, and tons of extras to find.

phantasmagoria_screenshotPhantasmagoria: (PC, Sega Saturn)This game was one of the first to have live actors and interactive movies. Adrienne Delaney, a paperback writer, buys a big fancy mansion (this seems to be a big theme in horror games) that was previously owned by a magician in the late 19th century. Adrienne right away starts having horrible nightmares, and soon realizes that her husband is possessed by the evil demon that once possessed the magician. The rest of the game is filled with blood, gore, downright creepy videos, and of course torture. You need to escape the mansion and save your husband from demonic possession. The game is six disks long and can definitely creep you out good! Not a game for the kiddies.

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