Madden NFL adding collectible card element courtesy of Ultimate Team

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Madden Ultimate Team Kerry Rhodes

EA’s Madden franchise often comes under fire for a perceived lack of innovation but here’s a feature that certainly promises some unique wrinkles.

Madden NFL 10 will soon contain a game mode that will combine elements of fantasy football and trading card gaming.

Madden Ultimate Team is a free downloadable addition on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network coming January 2010. In this game players will collect virtual packs of cards ranging from “platinum” to “bronze.”

You’ll be able to select everything from your team’s playbook to its uniforms and player cards include legendary statistical years such as Randy Moss’ 1999 Minnesota Vikings campaign. The download will come with a starter pack and you can purchase other cards through the in-game store or win them through in-game accomplishments.

This is definitely a different step for the franchise. It has had card collection modes before but this is the first time they’ve been folded into a separate game experience. I wonder if hardcore Madden fans will consider this a worthwhile distraction and, if this is successful, could we see the cards branch into other games?

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