Black Friday 2009 video game deals roundup (updated)

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black friday calendar movie logo screen shotFor those of you looking for all the great Black Friday (aka the day after Thanksgiving, aka November 27, 2009) video game deals all in one place, you can check out all of our Black Friday posts.

For those of you who like things in nice, nifty, easy-to-browse bullet-point style lists, here ya go:

  • Toys R Us – Doorbusters galore! Both Friday and Saturday they want you there very early. Each day has different deals so check the post o see which day (if not both) you need to wait in line. Some games on sale both days as well.
  • Meijer – Doorbuster deals are on system bundles. Looks like they like to give out $50 gift cards with systems, too.
  • Best Buy – Black Friday Doobuster deals. oh my. Deals include $10 DS games, $5 PC games, $20 PS3 and Xbox 360 games and $15 Wii games as well as discounted systems. Bust a door but not your )or someone else’s) shoulder.
  • Target – Cheaper DSi with gift card, controllers and discounted games for every system. for some reason this store has gone with prices ending in $7 ( as in $7 PSP game, $17 DS games, $27 Wii games and $37 PS3 and Xbox 360 games). Couple bundles as well.
  • Kohl’s – Has some DS and Wii games on sale now for 20% to 30% off, accessories for 20% to 50% off. Otherwise, only advertised deal is really gift cards per $50 spent for Black Friday.
  • Half Price Books – Oh yeah, you read that right. A store with “book” in the name. Yes, they sell games. Gift cards, discounts and other first-through-the-door style goodies.
  • Sears – The store that used to rule the gaming coup is hyping its LCD TVs on the cheap and Doorbuster electronics deals. Otherwise, assorted games for $15 and inexpensive 2- and 3-packs.
  • Kmart – Decided to go with “Blue Friday” instead of “Black Friday?” Whatever. HDTV, LCD TV and a DSi are on the Doorbuster Deal list. for Black Friday there’s games for each system (this time ending in “9”).
  • Walmart – For now no Black Friday deals but there are some going-on-now deals including Make-Your-Own DS Lite Bundle, a few Wii things and a couple music games for the other two systems. There is a $200 Xbox on the pre-Black Friday deals list.
  • Circuit City – More a pre-Black Friday online-only sale, the main game deal is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for $55.9. The rest are HDTV and computer (desktop, laptop and netbook) deals.

Oh yes, there will be more. We’ll update this page as they come including ads as fast as we can scan and slap ‘em online.

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