SouthPeak Interactive gets TNA game rights, game scheduled for 2010

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tna christian cage screen shot

The speculation about where the digital versions of Total Nonstop Action wrestling superstars will ply their trade for the next few years has ended in a surprise.

Not known for fighting or wrestling games for that matter, SouthPeak Interactive has purchased the rights to make TNA games.

A financial report revealed SouthPeak got the TNA assets in Midway’s bankruptcy sale and even has a game on the 2010 calendar: TNA iMPACT: Cross the Line for PSP/PSpgo and Nintendo DS.

Much speculation circled around Electronic Arts, a company with experience making games on the now defunct World Championship Wrestling license. But little known SouthPeak picking up the TNA rights is as shocking as when Andre The Giant turned on Hulk Hogan.

There is no word yet on a direct sequel to 2008 million-seller TNA iMPACT. I’m sure it’s coming though, as sequels to million-selling games get green lit pretty quickly. Hopefully these will be some good games, as THQ’s Smackdown vs. Raw series has been unchallenged for a while.

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