House MD game making house calls, sorta

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House_MD_mobile_game_covershotFinally, my favorite TV show, House MD, is being made into a video game! Unfortunately it is only a mobile phone game. But, it’s a start.

House MD the mobile game was created by Exelweiss, a Spain-based company and was published by Mobiground. I’m not sure of the exact date it came out, because most of the info for the game is in Spanish and not clear but it looks like it came out in April 2009. It’s a graphic adventure game that allows you to roam around the Princeton-Plainsboro hospital and freely talk to people about your case.

The game is available for most phones (check your carrier) at $7.99 for unlimited play although prices may vary depending on carrier.

In the game you take on the role of the wisecracking yet lovable Dr. Gregory House. As House, you need to work with your team of Dr. Chase, Dr. Cameron, and Dr. Forman to solve medical mysteries.

Much like in the show, your crew needs to study different symptoms and rule out several different diagnoses via puzzle mini games until you find the right one to finish the game. You also need to break into the patients house to examine it for clues like they do in the show.

Of course, a game about House wouldn’t be complete without also having to acquire Vicodin pills and deal with Dr. Cuddy, who is the director of the hospital, butting into everything you do. Often times, you need to consult with Cuddy before doing a test.

House_MD_mobile_game_screenshotI don’t know what the penalties are in the game for, for instance, making a wrong diagnoses at the end or failing to chose the right response when talking to Dr. Cuddy. Perhaps the penalty is to start over from a check point or there is no penalty and you can just try a different approach.

I’m hoping this is much better than that horrible ER game they made several years ago, which was basically a Sims type game but without all the fun of Sims. Basically all you did in the game is get yelled at by people and talk to people about their symptoms. This game, however, already sounds a lot better with the use of puzzle mini games to treat the patient and rule out diagnoses. Plus it sounds like there are some search-and-find elements to the game as well, like when you search peoples houses.

It’s unclear if this game consists of more than one case or not, it is a mobile game after all. Also no reviews I read mentioned whether or not Dr. Wilson would be in the game. Personally I don’t think the game would be complete if you couldn’t consult with Wilson, or at least bum a free lunch of him. But it still sounds like a fun game, one worth playing if you are a fan of the series, or of adventure games on your phone.

Maybe we will eventually see this game on the PC or other consoles.

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