Cyber Monday 2009: Walmart kicks off CyberWeek

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Walmart Cyber Monday Cyberweek 2009 DSi Value BundleOkay, so while Black Friday may be gone, the whole shopping frenzy isn’t over just yet. The Monday after Black Friday is always called Cyber Monday, the day that most people tend to do their online holiday shopping. Walmart’s stepped up to the plate with some deals, though instead of just limited them to one day, November 30, 2009, it is holding a CyberWeek sale.

Walmart‘s CyberWeek will last until December 6, 2009, and all of the deals are online only. They aren’t as fantastic as the sales that were running November 27-28, 2009, but there are still some interesting offerings if you’re looking for a video game or electronic gift and you don’t want to go into an actual store to get it. Plus, the 97¢ shipping deal is still applicable on some items.

Let’s go through the available video game deals.

Video Game

  • $30 for two Wii games. There’s a list of 36 games to choose from.
  • $30 for two Xbox 360 games. There’s a list of 24 games to choose from.
  • $119 for Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board and one of four DreamGear Fitness Bundles.
  • $148 DS Lite value bundle that includes a silver, pink, blue or red DS Lite, one of five DS Lite accesory kits and two of 15 DS games.
  • $189 DSi value bundle that includes a black, blue, pink or white DSi, a pink or teal DSi system wallet accessory kit and two games of your choose from a list of 15.
  • $249 Wii value bundle that includes the system, a DreamGear 3-in-1 Player’s Sport Kit, an additional controller, an additional nunchuk and one game from a list of 28. If you’re willing to pay an extra $15-18, you can add on an additional accessory.
  • $369 120gb PS3 value bundle that includes the system, inFamous, Batman Arkham Asylum, The Dark Knight Blu-ray movie, a Blu-ray remote and either an additional DreamGear Shadow wireless controller or Sony DualShock 3 wireless controller.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a Wii, Walmart’s Cyberweek Wii value bundle is already out of stock (12:11pm CST November 30, 2009). Specifically, if you look at the page for it you’ll see that the Wii remote controller option for the bundle is out of stock, making the whole bundle void.

Image Source: Walmart

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