7 Cute Knight Kingdom tips and tricks

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Cute Knight KingdomHanako Games’ latest title, Cute Knight Kingdom was recently released, and its somewhat more challenging than the original Cute Knight. There are more factors to account for, plus the ability to explore the game’s world. If a player is more familiar with the original Cute Knight game, which features gameplay similar to the Princess Maker series, the first playthrough or two of Cute Knight Kingdom could be a daunting experience.

In an effort to make things easier, here are seven tips that can help you in your Cute Knight Kingdom adventures. Hopefully they’ll help you figure out what to, or what not to do, and perhaps keep you from making costly mistakes.

So, here are Gamertell’s seven Cute Knight Kingdom tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to die… Allow yourself to die in battle once, to learn the Nightmare symbol.
  2. … But don’t make a habit of it. Try not to die too often if you go for a warrior path – your stamina and stats will plunge and it seems like you have to earn them back.
  3. Take care when choosing a birth month. Be aware of the attributes of your birth month when deciding on a career course, as the beginning stats and character attributes vary. If you want to create a character who is a warrior, look for someone who’s good at hunting or perhaps good with animals.
  4. Work hard! Being successful at some jobs will earn you store discounts.
    Stick to the path at night to avoid monsters.
  5. Watch your status while working and learning! Try not to let your HP and MP drop to 1 while taking a class or job – you’ll lose dream!
  6. Talk with other Cute Knight Kingdom fans. Become a member of the Hanako Games forum, the developer of Cute Knight Kingdom. Members have created and posted mini-strategy guides and can be very helpful if you’re having problems.

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