Gamertell Review: MySims Agents for Wii

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MySims Agents

Title: MySims Agents
Price: $49.99
System(s): Wii (Also available for DS)
Release Date: September 29, 2009
Publisher (Developer): Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)
ESRB Rating: “Everyone” for Comic Mischief
Pros: Familiar characters, detective/adventure game an interesting twist, can send other agents on minor missions, quite a few mini-games, humorous, colorful environments and can customize your character and headquarters.
Cons: Not as much customization as in previous MySims entries, can’t return to certain areas after you leave and some jumps can be quite annoyig and difficult to judge.
Overall Score: Two thumbs up, 93/100, A-, * * * * out of 5

I have a secret – I’ve always enjoyed the MySims games. Their appearance would lead you to believe that they’re geared towards children, but I found the previous entries, MySims and MySims Kingdom surprisingly funny, charming and refreshing.

When I heard about MySims Agents, I was skeptical. While both prior MySims games were straightforward simulation and adventure games, where you’d need to create building and furniture on request, MySims Agents breaks away from the simulation elements and is strictly an adventure game. After playing, I’m pleasantly surprised and would consider MySims Agents my favorite entry in the series.

MySims Agents

From ordinary detective to special agent

MySims Agents starts out simple. You’re a local detective who’s hoping to one day become a special agent. Until then, you’re stuck performing minor tasks. The one at hand is proving a young girl named Poppy’s dog is hers, and doesn’t belong to a nefarious looking individual named Morcubus. After doing some rudimentary work to prove that Dogwood is Poppy’s pouch, beyond any reasonable doubt, you realize someone’s been watching you!

You’ve proven yourself to be a great detective, so you’re given the opportunity to be a special agent for your hometown. First, you have to solve a minor case, discovering who sent Evelyn flowers and a love note to prove you’re ready. Then, you’re given your own base of operations and the opportunity to hire your own agents. Your overall goal is to expose and prevent the evil plans of Morcubus, who it turns out is both head of a major corporation and a criminal mastermind.

MySims Agents

A surprisingly good Wii detective game

MySims Agents is a fairly straightforward adventure game. You’ll be given a mission, which is to solve some sort of mystery. This requires you to find evidence, track footprints, investigate items, repair broken items, play mini-games and interview other characters. Initially, it starts off pretty simple, but as you progress through the game you may actually find some missions challenging. You also are not only a field agent, but an agent in charge of other agents. So while you’re working on a storyline mission, you can dispatch underlings with specific skills to solve other missions to unlock new items or side missions.

MySims Agents is also funny. All of the MySims games have some silly elements to them, but it seems like MySims Agents is the first to work in humorous dialogue and story elements. It’s still sort of silly, but there are times when you’ll find yourself laughing at the way characters interact with each other and their environment. The inside jokes refering to MySims and MySims Kingdom are something to watch for as well.

The creation and collection elements from previous MySims game also return in a very diminished form. You can now collect clothing, furniture and new agent recruits. You can then spiffy up your character with new outfits and decorate your headquarters with everything you’ve found. I’m glad they did keep these elements, because without them it wouldn’t really have a MySims feel.

MySims Agents

Further proof the MySims series has some merit

MySims Agents is a great game, but it may disappoint core MySims fans since it deviates from the collection and creation formula that is front and center in both MySims and MySims Kingdom. Personally, I think its a welcome change. You could only do that sort of world creation thing so many times, and MySims Agents is a great and successful move towards expanding the MySims games towards other genres. As an adventure game, it’s best for beginners and casual gamers. If you’re interested, I’d recommend renting it first.

The only downside is that MySims Agents lacks the replay value of MySims and MySims Kingdom. This is to be expected though, as you’re playing through missions and working towards solving a greater mystery, and not just going around a town or kingdom building things. It’s somewhat short, and once you’ve finished MySims Agents, there’s no real motivation to go back to the game.

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