PS3 optional 3.15 firmware update coming soon

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PS3Sony has announced another PS3 firmware release. Firmware 3.15 is looming on the horizon. If you’re one of the people who was burned by firmware 3.0 or 3.01, don’t worry – it’s an optional update. But 3.15 does come with two pretty nifty new features, so there’s a good chance you’ll want to go for it.

The first new feature is a Data Transfer Utility, a great program for people who decided to switch to a PS3 slim from an older PS3. As long as both PS3s have firmware 3.15 installed, you can connect them with a lan cord to transfer your personal media files and the media downloaded from the PlayStation Store from one to the other. The PlayStation.Blog offers step by step instructions for successfully performing a transfer. The only downside is, it sounds like transferred PlayStation Store content is deleted from the original system when it is moved to the new one.

PS3 firmware 3.15 also adds minis compatibility to PS3s. As you may recall, minis are smaller, more casual, downloadable games that debuted alongside the PSPgo. However, it sounds like PS3 minis will be slightly different from PSP minis. If you’ve already purchased a PSP minis game and you own both a PSP and PS3, it sounds like you’ll be able to download the PS3 version for free once it’s released. But it seems that PS3s will not be able to play the already existing PSP versions.

It sounds like a pretty interesting update. Any Gamertell readers planning to update, even though its optional? Or do you not care about a Data Transfer Utility and minis?

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