Gamertell Review: Tales of Monkey Island 4: Rise of the Pirate God

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Title: Tales of Monkey Island: Rise of the Pirate God
Price: $8.95 PC, $10.00 Wii
System(s): *PC, Wii
Release Date: December 2, 2009
Publisher (Developer): Telltale Games
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Pros: Fun puzzles, funny storyline, familiar characters, and rid the world of Le Chuck once and for all (again)!
Cons: at times items are hard to find, too much guessing involved.
Overall Score: Two thumbs up; 94/100; A; * * * * out of five.

The final chapter in our epic adventure of pirating and voodoo curses, Rise of the Pirate God, has finally arrived.

Due to the circumstances of the previous episode (which I won’t spoil in case you have yet to play it), you are now a ghost and at the crossroads of the pirate afterlife where you must choose your eternal fate. Because you are a pirate, your choices are an afterlife of thievery, swordplay or treasure hunting.

The only reason Guybrush hasn’t passed over is because he clings to a single thread of life (which you can find in your inventory) and the eternal desire to come back alive and save his wife from Le Chuck, who turned evil again. You have to venture through all three of these afterlife choices to accomplish this goal.

However, once you finally escape from death’s crossroads, you find that Le Chuck has grown even stronger and you are still in no shape to defeat him. So you now have to go back and forth between worlds to save your wife, and the world as you know it.


It’s All About the Voodoo

This tale is no different than any of the others as you still have to accomplish three different things before you can finish the tale: escape the afterlife, get your body back and defeat Le Chuck.

You run into some rather fun characters too, including a greeter to the underworld who never tells the truth, a rather unassuming thief and a rather adorable little dog who helps you out a lot in the game.

Also, another familiar face shows up in the afterlife: Morgan. Upset at becoming a trader and soiling most of reputation as a pirate hunter, she is determined to help Guybrush any way she can.

You spend most of the game in the afterlife which can get rather redundant after a while. (Of course, when you are a ghost, where else would you spend most of your time?) You do get to visit a couple of the old spots, including Flotsam Island and the bottom of the ocean (were you found Le Sponge Grande) a bit later.


And, you get to do a tiny bit of insult sword fighting! Finally, after complaining in each review, Telltale listened to me. I would still have liked a bit more, but I am happy nevertheless.

The Pirate Afterlife Ain’t so Bad

I still can’t quite figure out how the hint system works. Sometimes if you stand still long enough, Guybrush will give you a hint about what to do next. Sometimes it will tell you immediately after you unsuccessfully tried something. Either way, I can never get it to trigger when I really need a hint, so I find it not very helpful in the long run.

I like that you can visit all the afterlife choices. I was worried, at first, that you could only pick one and I would have to save and play again. But then I realized that that wouldn’t make sense because of the way the game is laid out. You need to find key items to solving puzzles. They would have had to make three different endings or change things around so that all the items could be found no matter what you picked. That might have been a fun idea, though.

The part I found most annoying was finding the dog, who is a crucial element in the game. One of the hints Guybrush gave me early on was, “Maybe the dog could help.” Well, what dog? I could find no dog anywhere in the whole afterlife. Finally I realized that at the first part where you find the tombstones, if you walk down there is a whole new section and that’s where the dog is. I had no idea you could reach this part because usually you don’t walk down (towards the screen) and there was no indication that I could go there.


Le End of Le Chuck?

I am both happy and sad that we have finally reached the end of our tale. It was a fun ride and I will miss it just the same. We have been through a lot with poor Guybrush, from meeting a crazy French scientist who wanted to steal his hand, getting swallowed by a manatee, getting thrown in jail and finally being killed and having his wife kidnapped (just to name a few).

We can only wonder what great series Telltale will come up with next. Perhaps they will stick with Lucas Arts and create a Maniac Mansion series. I would like to see a remake of Loom.

You can pick up the final episode at Telltale games web site or download via the Wii.

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