Ragnarok DS offers incentives for Ragnarok Online players

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Ragnarok DSXSEED is hoping to tap an already existing fanbase for one of their upcoming game releases. Ragnarok DS, a portable adaptation of the massive multiplayer online RPG Ragnarok Online, is going to be coming out February 16, 2010, and XSEED wants Ragnarok Online players to buy it. But how can XSEED convince people who love playing a PC MMORPG to play a portable dungeon-crawling RPG with some online multiplayer elements? With exclusive Ragnarok Online in-game items.

XSEED is offering lots of in-game item codes for Ragnarok Online with Ragnarok DS. If you just purchase Ragnarok DS, you get codes for the Ragnarok Online intelligence increasing Shaman Earring, HP and SP recovery boosting Shaman Ring and attack resistance boosting Shaman Hair Decoration. If you go a step further and preorder Ragnarok DS, say at Amazon, you get four extra Ragnarok Online in-game items. You get an experience and damage boosting Audumra’s Benefit, a weapon boosting Bijofnil’s Wing Decoration, an attack speed boosting Hermode Cap and a damage increasing Odin Mask.

Aside from info on what the items do, there’s no further explanation about them. They could be one-time use items, or they could be actual Ragnarok Online in-game equipment. The items sound like they could be actual equipment that your Ragnarok Online avatar.

It’s a neat promotion, but I think it won’t be as successful as XSEED hopes. Ragnarok DS is just too different for Ragnarok Online, and I don’t think seven special Ragnarok Online items are going to be enough to get the MMORPG players to cross over to what’s pretty much a standard RPG. Potential buyers might have appreciated exclusive Ragnarok DS in-game items and equipment more. What do you think?

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  • SergioAM

    I used to be a huge Ragnarok addict. I hated MMO's but then like 7 years back a friend just installed it in my computer and I was hooked. If I had friends who'd play it I'd go back in no time flat. As for this DS version it looks so similar to RO :IO I'll pick it up >:D Maybe even go back to RO >.>