Walmart’s December 20-24, 2009, ad offers last-minute discounts

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Walmart December 20-24, 2009 adWalmart’s ad for December 20-24, 2009 is already out, in case you want to plan for some last minute shopping. If you’re looking for one or two specific gifts, then you’ll find it quite helpful. At least, you’ll find it helpful if you’re shopping for someone who owns a Wii or someone who wants an iPod.

First, Walmart will start discounting some of its $49.96 Wii games. Instead of $49.96, you’ll pay $40 for them. The front page of the ad shows five titles that will be part of this sale, MySims Agents, Madden 10, Need for Speed: Nitro, Toy Story Mania and Lego Rock Band. Considering that most of the displayed games are fairly recent releases, a $10 discount is a pretty good deal.

The second deal has to do with Apple products. If you like someone, you can get them a $195 iPod Touch. If you really like someone, you can get a $145 iPod nano that comes with a free $50 iTunes gift card. You can give the iTunes gift card to the person with the iPod nano, or you could even keep it for yourself.

Walmart will also have JVC Gumy headphones on sale for $9 each. A pair could make a nice stocking stuffer for DS, PSP or mp3 player owners on your shopping lists.

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