CES 2010: Inspired Instruments to show off You Rock Guitar usb string guitar controller

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you rock guitar usb controllerYeah, you read that headline right. A company is finally releasing a string-based, USB guitar game controller.

Named the You Rock Guitar, this is an honest-to-goodness string guitar (OK, a digital string guitar) that plugs into your computer. For $20 more you can get a GameFlex cartridge that adapts the guitar to be used as a controller for consoles games including Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

The You Rock Guitar will be available in February 2010 for $179.95 but will be on display during CES 2010 at Booth 5627 Gaming Showcase, LVCC, North Hall Las Vegas Hilton (East Tower Hospitality Suite H2549).

The company’s press release also lists the guitar-controller features as (video follows):

  • Never needs tuning
  • Features real-feel play with 100 guitar sounds
  • Offers USB connectivity for digital recording via computer
  • Provides MIDI functionality to emulate the sound of virtually any instrument for creating music via popular programs like Garage Band, Finale, Acid on the PC or Mac
  • Is portable and can be played anywhere
  • Can be plugged into an amplifier, iPod and iPhone
  • Eliminates the wrong notes for beginners via “You Rock Mode”

Site [You Rock Guitar] Site [Gamertell @ CES 2010]

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