Jack Wall hired to make Mass Effect 2 sound good

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Mass Effect 2 Jack Wall SoundtrackMass Effect 2 is about to get a little more epic. EA and Bioware announced today that Jack Wall was tapped to create the soundtrack for Mass Effect 2. His score for the game will be just about three hours worth of music. If you’re not sure who exactly Jack Wall is, and what he’s done before, the pop in your copy of Mass Effect for a little while and listen. He created the soundtrack for the first game too.

If you’re curious about the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack, you can get a sneak peek at it before the game comes out. EA has announced that the soundtrack will be released online on January 19, 2010, at certain online stores. Amazon already has a listing up for it, where you can already preview all 27 tracks. iTunes will probably carry the soundtrack too, since it has a product listing for the first Mass Effect soundtrack. Or, you can always wait until January 26, 2010 and hear the music in the game.

I think it’s a great move and announcement. Since both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 share the same composer, both games should have a similar, and hopefully complementary sound. Plus, fans of the series will already have an idea of how Mass Effect 2 may sound based on Wall’s work on Mass Effect, and know that the same sound quality and richness will carry over to the forthcoming game.

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