How To: Fix a broken PSP UMD

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PSP UMD Repair
PSP UMDs are fragile little things. Without even realizing it, the casing could crack or the little metal circle in the center of the disc could become dislodged.

When using a third party UMD case, I discovered that the tiny metal circle in the center of the UMD disc had been dislodged, and was now freely and happily roaming around the inside of the UMD casing. After consulting with other PSP owners, who told me to turn to bootlegging, and video game store clerks, one of which told me to buy a new game and the other directed me to buy new UMD casings, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

And, in doing so, discovered a simple and easy way to both fix a broken UMD disc and fix a UMD case. Bear in mind, if you follow these instructions to repair a UMD, you will void your warranty. Of course, if you’ve gotten to this point, you probably have no repair alternatives anyway.

Required Tools:

  • 1 Busted UMD
  • 1 Container of Super Glue
  • 1 Flathead screwdriver (1 mm tip is best)
  • (Optional) 1 Replacement UMD casing

PSP UMD Repair

Step 1: Crack open the case and remove the disc

In my case the UMD disc itself was broken but, whether it’s your case or your UMD that’s the problem, you’re going to have to crack open that case.

You want to be very, very careful. I can’t stress that enough. In my personal experience, the replacement UMD casing I bought was too thin to work with my PSP and didn’t work, so I had to go back and reuse the official casing. So try not to mangle it too badly.

PSP UMD Repair
Flip the UMD so the shiny silver side is facing up and so the arrow is facing down. Find the indentation on the upper right side of the UMD casing. You’re going to be shoving the screwdriver in here, to pry the casing apart.

Now, do this next part very slowly and gently. Wiggle the head of the screwdriver into that indentation and gradually pry the case apart. The UMD case has been glued together, so you may hear a click or crack in the process. If you do, stop and check to make sure the case hasn’t been badly damaged. If the case wasn’t the part that was your problem, you’ll want to make sure it remains in as good a condition as possible in case you need the original casing again later.

PSP UMD Repair
As you pry it open, move along the top of the case until the entire top part can be pulled apart and held open with your fingers.

While holding the end of the case open, turn the UMD case so the UMD disc falls out. If the metal disc has been dislodged, it will fall out separately, so keep an eye on where everything falls.

PSP UMD Repair

Step 2: UMD disc repair

This step is only necessary if the little center, metal disc has come apart from the main UMD disc. So, if your only problem was a broken or cracked UMD casing, skip this step.

This part is incredibly simple. (Sorry there aren’t many pictures of the repair in action but I didn’t have someone to actually take pictures during this part. So you’ll have to make do with some recreation pictures.)

Make sure you’re over a table or flat surface. Hold the UMD in your hand, silver side down. Grab your super glue, or super glue equivalent and put a few small, miniscule drops of glue on the center hollow ring. Do this only on the top side, where the design is.

Then, grab your metal disc. Gently drop it onto the UMD disc, with the convex side going into the hole so the little metal lip on the disc is resting on the side with the design. If you need to, use your pinky to make sure the disc is properly placed.

Leave it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. When it’s done, you may want to turn the UMD upside down, so the silver side is up, so you can check and make sure no glue leaked through onto the silver side and that the metal, inner disc is securely in place.

PSP UMD Repair
PSP UMD Repair

Step 3: Insert the UMD disc into the UMD casing

There are two ways this can be done, depending on whether you’re going to use the original UMD casing or a replacement case.

Original Casing
If the original UMD casing is in good condition and you wish to reuse that, then gently pry and hold it open using the opening you created when removing the UMD disc in step one. Reinsert the UMD, with the shiny, silver side facing the clear side of the UMD casing with arrow etched in and square opening.

Once the UMD disc has been reinserted, pinch it shut. If you’re lucky, you may not have to reglue the case shut and the UMD casing may stick together on its own. If it does need to be clasped shut, you can put a tiny drop of standard, Elmers glue on the flat, white, plastic top of the UMD. If you do apply any glue to the casing to keep it shut, make sure it dries before putting the repaired UMD in your PSP.

Replacement Casing

PSP UMD RepairIf you use a replacement casing, it will probably just be as simple as popping open the replacement case, dropping in the UMD disc and gently snapping the UMD casing shut.

Most replacement UMD casings snap open and closed, so no glue is required. If glue is needed to keep the replacement UMD shut, only use the kind of glue mentioned with the replacement UMD casing instructions.

PSP UMD Repair

Step 4: Testing

I recommend testing it out as soon as any glue you may have put on the UMD casing has dried. That way you know right away if it’s once again in proper working condition. If it’s not, and you used a replacement casing, then pop open the replacement UMD casing and redo Step 3, only using the original UMD case or another replacement casing. And that’s it! Your UMD should now be successfully repaired.

Congratulations, you’ve salvaged your game! Now you don’t have to replace it.

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  • ariel

    my umd case is broke and i can't snap it shut should i just do to a store??? PLZ help.

  • Harkeat

    In a psp where you put the umd in, the silver metal thing is bent and won’t read the umd

  • Donald

    yeah i just need the metal center piece for the disc itself my son popped them all out i have new cases but there useless without the metal center to keep the disc straight when its in the PSP thanks