Voice of Tekken’s Heihachi found dead, police say suicide a possibility

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Tekken 6 boxJapanese newspaper The Tokyo Shimbun reports that Daisuke Gouri, the actor who voiced roles including Tekken villain Heihachi Mishima and DragonBall‘s Mr. Satan, died January 17, 2010.

The 57-year-old actor was discovered on the street in Nakano Ward with injuries to his wrist and a knife nearby, as well as a copy of his will. Police are investigating the case as a possible suicide.

The actor, whose real name was Yoshio Nagahori, had an extensive list of videogame and animated series credits. In the gaming world, he voiced Edge Master in the Soul Calibur fighting series, Bass Armstrong in Dead or Alive and also appeared in Metal Gear Solid 2 and Final Fantasy XII.

His TV credits include characters in the Gundam series and Japanese version of Looney Tunes.

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