Airport security dismantles Xbox 360

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Broken Xbox 360

As a person who works in an airport, I have to pass through security all the time. You would be surprised at the number of passengers that still think it’s acceptable to bring large bottles of liquid or sharp objects through the checkpoints. Electronic items are usually handled with care and TSA officers are good about giving you options if your item can’t be permitted in its current form. The same can’t be said for checked luggage according to a report from The Consumerist.

A man named Adam wrote about his experience when taking a US Airways flight out of Logan International Airport in Boston, MA. Adam did not place his Xbox 360 in his carry-on luggage, but instead decided to put his Xbox 360 in his checked luggage. After being told his Xbox 360 would be permissible, Adam was horrified after retrieving his checked bag once he landed. Inside his luggage was a ziploc bag filled with metal components from his Xbox 360. His Xbox 360 had been disassembled and is now totally useless. US Airways tells Adam he is out of luck and won’t accept responsibility for the condition of his console.

The moral of this story is to always try to keep fragile electronic devices in your carry-on bags. Once they make it through security you won’t have to worry about taking it on the plane. It’s also a good idea to keep those things with you because you never know how someone else is handling your luggage. They could be tossing it around without the proper care.

Read [Kombo] Via [The Consumerist]

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