Cheer We Go Squishy Tank!

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Squishy TankNo, that isn’t some kind of secret, spy code. (Or is it?) It’s the names of Natsume’s two newest DS games, Cheer We Go and Squishy Tank. Natsume has just announced both games will be budget priced at $19.99 and will both be out in March 23, 2010.

While they’re launching on the same day, Squishy Tank and Cheer We Go are from two different genres. Squishy Tank is a sort of battle puzzle game. You have a bunch of cute, colored blocks with faces on the touch screen, and a fleet of white, squishy tanks on the top screen. You must keep making matches to successfully beat puzzles, win battles and advance the story. You also get to unlock Squishy Tank cartoons, mini-games and tank accessories.

Cheer We Go, on the other hand, is a cheerleading simulation that has you creating routines, playing mini-games, collecting clothes and building relationships. It’s a lot like Natsume’s Princess Debut, only with cheerleading instead of ballroom dancing. It’s also similar to Princess Debut in that you could find your cheerleader a boyfriend and help her make friends.

Normally, I’d lean more towards wanting Cheer We Go, but the Squishy Tank box art and screen shots are just too adorable. I find myself wanting a stuffed Squishy Tank I can hug!

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