Amazon sellling Japanese Classic Controller Pros at premium prices

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Wii Classic Controller Pro WhiteUsually, if you want an import video game controller or peripheral, you head to a specialty store either online or near you. If you’re looking for a Classic Controller Pro though, that isn’t necessary. Amazon is now carrying both the black and white Japanese Classic Controller Pros for the Wii. When they’re in stock, they’re $34.99, and should work with any Wii regardless of region.

At the moment, the black, Japanese version of the Classic Controller Pro is out of stock at Amazon. You can buy it from other sellers, but Amazon itself doesn’t have any more. Amazon does still have the white Classic Controller Pro. It seems that it can take some time to acquire though, as instead of shipping immediately like most Amazon products, it takes between two and four weeks to ship.

Of course, it may be a better idea to wait for the North American versions of the Classic Controller Pros. They’ll be out around the same time as Monster Hunter Tri, at the end of March and beginning of April, 2010. They’ll only cost $19.99, so it may be worth it since you’ll save $15.

This is an interesting twist, as Amazon isn’t known for carrying import video game peripherals, games or accessories. Perhaps this is Amazon’s way of testing the waters in delivering import products overseas. After all, doesn’t ship games to North America. What do you think readers? Do you think Amazon should start stocking more import games and game related accessories?

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