Xbox Live Update for the week of February 7 through 13, 2010

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This week (February 7-13, 2010) on Xbox Live you can opt to save Darwinia from a computer virus in the action strategy game. It went live February 10, 2010 and will cost you 1200 Microsoft Points.

Strategy fans in Europe, Australia and New Zealand get Halo Wars in Games On Demand for $29.99 and 6 GB of storage space. Halo Wars was the swan song for famed strategy game developer Ensemble Studios, and it was a fitting sendoff for a company that has done a lot of great work.

If fighting games are more your thing, Capcom’s latest masterpiece Street Fighter IV is now available in the Marketplace’s Games on Demand. It retails for $29.99 and is a 5 GB file. SFIV marks the return of the biggest franchise in fighting games a decade long absence. In addition to all-time favorites including Ken and Chun-Li, there are new characters such as El Fuerte, a Mexican luchador whose true passion is gourmet cooking. Ah Capcom, we love your weirdness.

Street Fighter IV E Honda

In community events, there’s a February 12, 2010 opportunity to game with the developers of Bioshock 2, one of 2010’s most anticipated titles. They’ll be on from 7-10 p.m. ET to help you wreck Rapture. Multiplayer is one of the biggest additions to the sequel, so by all means check that out.

The Deal of the Week is reduced pricing on three martial arts-themed games: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for 800 Microsoft Points, Turtles in Time Reshelled for 400 points, and Invincible Tiger:The Legend of Han Tao for 800 points.

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