US PSP owners will get to play God Eater, too

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God Eater

Have you always wished you could play a Monster Hunter style game that was a little more fantasy-oriented? God Eater is here to grant that wish. Well, it isn’t here yet. D3Publisher has just announced it will be releasing the Bandai Namco PSP game in North America. God Eater made its Japanese debut on February 4, 2010, and will be released Q3 2010 in the US.

God Eater is more modern than Monster Hunter. It takes place in a post-apocolyptic world where players are God Eaters that wield special, transforming Jinki weapons. You are one of those God Eaters, and must take down the many monsterous and mutated Aragami to try and make the world a safer place. There are over 100 missions to undertake, and all weapons can be customized. You either play in a single player mode, where you hunt down Aragami alone or with up to three computer controlled partners, or team up with other God Eater owning friends with local adhoc multiplayer or via a PS3 with adhocParty.

As Joystiq helpfully points out, people worldwide can immediately experience God Eater. The Japanese God Eater website has a downloadable PSP demo available that doesn’t have any kind of protections on it. So even if your PSP is linked to a US PlayStation Store account, you can follow the illustrated instructions to put the God Eater demo on your PSP and give it a go. It’s a 140mb download – so it shouldn’t take more than a half hour to get.

I’m happy about the release news, but I’m not so sure God Eater will be as successful as D3 hopes. Yes, it’s a huge hit in Japan, but it’s also a Monster Hunter style game. While the Monster Hunter games do have an established fanbase in the US that will probably pick up God Eater, the games aren’t a phenomenon here like they are there.

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