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Deadly PremonitionXbox 360 owners can pick up a thrilling new survival game at a budget price this week, if they’re willing to take a chance on Deadly Premonition. Ignition has just released the $19.99 game, developed by Access Games. The only catch is that it carries a Mature rating. Of course, that’s understandable considering the story!

FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan has been sent to Greenvale, Washington in the hopes of solving the Red Seed Murder case he’s been placed on. But things aren’t what they seem, and there’s something otherworldly about the murders and the murderer. There are also strange, and deadly, creatures lurking about, and I’m not talking about some of the creepy townies. You must help Agent Morgan investigate the murder and solve it, while also staying alive.

Interestingly enough, it isn’t all about solving the murder case. That’s a huge part, but there’s other stuff to do too. For example, there are side quests, along with fishing and racing mini-games. There are also townfolk to interact with, and a village to explore.

Deadly Premonition sounds like the kind of game that makes me wish I owned an Xbox 360. It’s affordable, sounds intriguing and has extra content to add to the replay value. The background music and sound effects at the website, at least, sound suitably spooky, and the gameplay footage in the trailer reminds me a bit of Silent Hill.

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