Wii owners’ Cave Story cravings to end March 22, 2010

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Cave Story Wii WiiwareWii owners know the anxiety and sadness that comes from waiting for a really wonderful WiiWare game. Checking GameFAQs every few weeks, only to see a constant TBA 2010 release window. Turning to the PC counterpart, even though you know it just isn’t the same. Thankfully the wait is over! Nicalis announced today that the platformer Cave Story will hit WiiWare on March 22, 2010!

Cave Story is a port/Wiiware version of a free PC game, with the same name, by Daisuke Amaya, Pixel. Nicalis has been working on the WiiWare version, with Amaya, and until now the whole release window was sort of iffy. The Wii version offers optional better graphics and different music, though you can have the original PC version’s graphics and music if you want.

The Wii version of Cave Story is designed to be the best yet. Aside from the graphics and soundtrack options, there’s also a new, official translation, three save game slots and five game modes. Speaking of game modes, they won’t be released separately as DLC. The Boss Rush and Sanctuary Time Attack modes will be included with the core game. So yay for getting all the goodness all at once!

Cave Story follows the adventures of a robot named Quote who wakes up with amnesia in a cave. He discovers that he is on a floating island and there’s a man called the Doctor, the game’s villain, torturing the Mimiga island residents. Quote decides to help the Mimigas and defeat the Doctor.

While you’re waiting, check out The Indie Game Database to learn more about Cave Story and download the PC version.

Read [Nicalis] Via [Joystiq] Site [The Indie Game Database]

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