Dead or Alive creator Itagaki settles lawsuit with Tecmo

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Dead or Alive Paradise

Tomonobu Itagaki, the former Team Ninja head who sued Tecmo over unpaid wages, announced a settlement February 26, 2010, with his former employer.

Itagaki filed suit in June 2008 claiming unpaid wages and disingenuous statements by former Tecmo CEO Yoshimi Yasuda. No details of the settlement were given, so instead of juicy financial news, Itagaki’s release teases us by talking about an upcoming project.

I cannot wait for the day when I can announce to everyone the new title that I’m currently conceiving.

He went on to say this mystery project will deliver “world class entertainment” with “a greater depth of play than before.”

Itagaki is perhaps most famous for creating the Dead or Alive fighting game series but also reinvented Tecmo’s NES classic Ninja Gaiden in 3D. Tecmo, of course, still owns the rights to both those games so whatever Itagaki has on his mind now is a brand new project.

Itagaki is nothing if not outspoken, so when he’s further along with the new game he’ll probably have plenty to say.

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