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Knytt Stories DSIt’s been a long time coming, almost two years, but Knytt Stories is now on the DS.

The free homebrew game has been appropriately dubbed Knytt Stories DS and can be played an practically any DS flashkart. I’m sure you could play it on a DS emulator on your computer too, but at that point it’d be easier to just go pick up the PC version.

Knytt Stories began as a 2D platformer, with a level editor, created by Nifflas. You can load up original levels, each of which is its own complete story. Nifflas released original levels to go with Knytt Stories, like “The Machine,” “Gustav’s Daughter” or “A Strange Dream,” all of which are wonderful, but the real joy comes from downloading and experiencing all of the fantastic custom stories out there, like “Dark Sky of Wish Mountain,” “The Great Race” or “A Knytt in Time.” The only thing each story has in common is that a girl named Juni is typically the heroine and she is unable to attack.

If you visit the Knytt Stories DS page, you’ll find the program waiting to be downloaded. The Knytt Stories DS download includes the game program and one story, Nifflas’ “The Machine.” There’s also a separate Level Expansion Pack that includes four more stories from Nifflas already formatted and ready to work with Knytt Stories DS. If you download that too, you also get “A Strange Dream,” “An Underwater Adventure,” “Sky Flower” and “This Level is Unfinished.”

The best part about Knytt Stories DS is that it also works with all of the created Knytt Stories levels that are already out there. You just need to download Knytt Stories, install the custom levels you want in Knytt Stories, drag the stories over to the appropriate folder on your DS cart’s memory card, format any audio files that need formating and you’re all set!

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