Find love and revenge in RE: Alistair

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RE: AlistairFree games are always great, so let’s start the week out right with RE: Alistair! Sake-bento, tooaya and Thee Forsaken One have come together to create a brand new visual novel for PC, Mac and Linux owners. It’s free, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. If you’ve always been interested in visual novels or dating simulations, but didn’t want to pay for something you might not enjoy, RE: Alistair could be a good game to start with. It’s a pretty substantial download, a little over 72mb, but the game isn’t too long or complicated.

RE: Alistair revolves around a girl named Merui who adores the massive multiplayer game Rivenwell Online. She usually has a fantastic time playing as RuiOfTheSword, until another user named Alistair steps in. See, RuiOfTheSword and her friend FionaWings were fighting against a really strong boss, because Merui wanted a Blessed Stone. Right when the the Troll of Mt. Mourning is about to die, a user named Alistair appears, delivers the final blow and gets the Blessed Stone. He then just walks away. Merui won’t abide his insolence! You’re tasked with helping Merui take Alistair down, even though she has no idea who he really is! What follows is a visual novel where you try to find Alistair in real life, while also managing Merui’s daily life and maybe even finding her a boyfriend.

If you’re having trouble, the people behind RE: Alistair have even put together a brief walkthrough. Well, not so much walkthrough as hint page. It gives some tips for playing the game, as well as telling some of the best ways to win over Travis, Shiro and Derek.

I just downloaded it myself, and I’m pretty impressed with RE: Alistair so far. The story and premise is adorable, and I love the art! The Sakevisual home page states that two more visual novels, Ripples and Hanami x2 are also in the works. If you enjoy visual novels, simulations and dating games, then you may want to bookmark that page! I did!

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