Interview: Gamertell talks to The Guild star, creator Felicia Day

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The_Guild_boxartI recently spoke with Felicia Day, the star and creator of the web series The Guild. Felicia was very nice and seemed to enjoy answering all my questions.

The Guild is a web-based show about six quirky gamers who play an on-line World Of Warcraft-type game together. The six players are all very good at the game but not so good with social interactions, which makes for very funny and tragic adventures.

The third season of the show is now available through CreateSpace DVD on-Demand and will also be available as a full season download through Amazon Video on Demand. The series will be $14.95 and will include bonus content not shown on the web including the Halloween episode; “Do You Want to Date My Avatar” music video; Guild applicant rejects; “How to Build Vork’s Sword”; audio commentary with the cast, creator, director and producer; Axis of Anarchy interviews and gag reels.

“I have been playing games my whole life, I was home schooled as a child so video games were really a big part of my life,” Day said. “I created this show to give people a view into the real lives of gamers, and to show that gamers are not ‘weird’ but instead just living a different life than others.”

Felicia also told me that she is mainly into role-playing games and has recently played WOW, Mass Effect 2 and will pick up Dragon Age: Origins when she has more time. She also likes casual gaming now and then and enjoys playing games on her I phone and DS.

I asked her if any of the characters were based on real people she knew. “No, but the characters Zabboo and Vork were written specifically for the actors. I knew the actors personally because I had the opportunity to perform improv with them. I always find it funny that other gamers consider these characters “stereotypical” gamers, and yet non gamers wouldn’t recognize the stereotypes but just think of them as ‘quirky’ and ‘nerdy’.”

Wil Wheaton, perhaps most well known for portraying Wesley Crusher on Star Trek Next Generation, plays a rival guild member in Season 3. “I met Wil through a friend and liked his work, so I decided that he would be a good asset to the show and I wrote a character for him. I didn’t want to cast him because he was famous or anything. I was going more for talent then to get attention.”

As far as new ideas and new seasons, Felicia said that she can’t discuss anything at the moment but she is always formulating new ideas. She also wanted to mention that a comic book version of The Guild, published by Dark Horse Comics, is coming out March 24, 2010. It will be a prequel to the show and you will learn a bit more about the characters back stories. Felicia said it was very “surreal and awesome” to see herself in comic book form.

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