GDC: 2010 Watch PlayStation’s GDC 2010 press conference live on Ustream

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PlayStation black logo What wonders does Sony have in store for us at GDC 2010? We can all find out together today (March 10, 2010) during PlayStation’s GDC 2010 press conference. The show starts at 3:45 Pacific time on UStream.

We already know it will officially announce the name of its motion controller during the press conference, but that’s all we can confirm right now. Sony is bound to show some official games that will take advantage of its motion controller instead of the tech demos shown so far.

Perhaps Sony will make mention of the rumored PlayStation phone or its strategy to monetize the PlayStation Network. These are the wonderful things we are hoping for and we would be let down if it was an hour long numbers session.

Be sure to check Gamertell for all the Sony news you can handle as it happens.

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