PlayStation Home Update: Home gets updated to version 1.35, new personal spaces

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PS Home Updates improve navigation around HOME

Home Updates and Issues

PS Home 1.35

Many of you have already noticed that Home has a brand new look to it this week following the recent 1.35 update. The way a player logs into home now has been changed. Connection to the PlayStation Network now happens automatically without having to go through messages to log on and then taken to the navigation screen. The navigator screen displays favorite places, recommended spaces, personal spaces, location of friends if they’re on and of course an exploration map that is now broken down by spaces already visited or by the game’s category (i.e., sports, action, adventure, etc.). Players are no longer trapped at the last location they visited, especially if that space was dragging and keeping them from exiting the space. You can move around the world of HOME literally at the click of the button quickly. Here’s a partial list of features to expect posted by Sony Home Manager CydoniaX in the PlayStation forums, visit the forum to view the complete list of changes:

  • Home Navigator – replaces the World Map. This new feature allows players faster space loading, easy access to their favorite personal and game spaces without sorting through a huge confusing map.
  • Home spaces – Are now all located under tab to include personal clubs the player either owns or has a membership to.
  • Favourite Spaces – Any space that has been favored during a player’s exploration of the Home universe.
  • Friends – This improved friend’s list displays the location where their friend is located, the new feature for this category is that if a friend happens to be in their personal space players can virtually “knock on the door” to be asked over. When a friend “knocks on the door” players will receive notice that a friend wants to be invited, just press the start button when you see the message and choose whether to let them in or not.

PS Home 1.35 issues and fixes

Along with updates there are often issues and quick resolutions to the matter while others experienced no problems at all. For those players who couldn’t log into home after the update like a few of my friends did. Here are some of the issues and updates I’ve found in the PlayStation Forums to help you get back Home:

  • Logon Issue – Some of my friends and I have experienced not being able to log in to home following the update, if you received error code Z(9-2) also this is an easy fix thanks to Home Manager Locust_Star for saving my PS3 from flying through a window. Just simply reset your clock. I’m not sure why the clock changed to 2020 instead of remaining 2010 but it’s often the last place anyone would check. But once it was reset we were able to return Home with no problem at all.
  • Portable Item Bug – A bug that has kept players from joining mini-games, crashing a system when they interact with their personal wardrobe while the item was in use has been fixed. Which means the annoying bubble machine grievers will be back. Sigh.
  • Furniture Bug – The bug that caused furniture to disappear from a club house when the leader arrives or cause a crash when furniture items were bumped against each other or loading certain items into a personal space has been fixed.
  • Shopping bugs – Bugs that prevented players from canceling a purchase after it has started downloading, caused the “Add to Basket” button to suddenly become permanently unavailable or preview clothing items without setting up an avatar has been fixed.
  • Loading Bugs – Bugs that have prevented sound settings from saving, stalled a download queue when attempting to download certain scenes or caused problems launching into home while the HDD was completely full have been fixed.
  • Mini-Game Bugs – Various bugs found within the Pool and Bowling mini-games to include allowing multiple players to join multiple queues at the same time have been fixed.
  • Camera Bugs – A Bug that allowed PSN Notification messages to be captured while using the camera and caused the picture aspect ratio to record incorrectly have been fixed.

New Real Estate

  • Eden – Primarch’s Vigilarium Personal Space – Whether you’re a Pulse L’Cie or a Cocoon L’Cie looking for a hideout with a view of the city, or a Final Fantasy fan you would appreciate this grand piece of Eden from the newly released Final Fantasy 13 for $4.99 at the Real Estate Store located on the second floor of the Mall. Even though the space has no exit to Central Plaza or even empty spaces for picture frames it’s still an elegant space all the same. Here’s a tour of the space by, check it out:

  • Luxury Racing Box Personal Space – For all the racing fans that frequent Home, there’s a new space that puts players in their personal private box near the tracks for $4.99. This space has an exit to Central Plaza and up to 9 open spaces for personal picture frames. Check out the Luxury Racing Box Personal Space:


  • A “Wee”bellion is coming – Central Plaza has been decorated for the upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day event, there’s also a “Wee”-bellion event taking place now until Thursday, March 18, 2010. Players are given chance to win a free copy of PixelJunk Monsters by finding the voucher codes hidden in the “Wee”-bellion posters around home. Each poster will either contain a four digit section of the code or instructions on how to find the remaining codes. Once found, look around Central Plaza and find Brother Seamus McSwilly, a leprechaun, who will randomly appear in Central Plaza and email with “Seamus McSwilly in the subject line along with your PSN ID, at least two found voucher codes and the photo of McSwilly to enter by noon pacific standard time on Thursday, March 18, 2010 to be considered. Winners will receive the completed codes to download one free copy of PixelJunk Monsters.
  • Tester Show at the Theater – Watch episode 4 of Tester in Auditorium 8 at the Theater in Central Plaza this week to receive the “Game Over Fame Girl!” T-shirt.
  • Sodium One Hub – Players who frequent the hub to squish scorpions should visit Vickie to receive their newest reward items, if you completed the scorpion quests and squished the numbers needed to earn trophies. Visit Vickie to receive new and improved stomping boots and a scorpion emoticon item that floats a blue scorpion over your head. Supposedly there’s an overpopulation of scorpions in the hub and players are asked to exterminate these pests immediately for even more rewards.

Issues and Updates


  • The Gamers Lounge is not listed in the Navigator, those who frequent the Gamers Lounge can still visit it if it was favored before the update and is still accessible through the Central Plaza Map.
  • Updates

  • The unlockable items rewarded for playing the Four Barrel’s of Fury game in the Resistence space are back and unfortunately those who were supposed to receive the items previously, these items have not been returned yet and may have to replay the game to earn them back. As soon as a fix is available where players don’t have to replay the game to get them back, I will post them here.


*Unless specified in (parenthesis) all clothing items are available for both male and female avatars.

Real Estate Sale – store is located on the second floor of the Mall

If there was a personal space you wanted but didn’t want to pay the current price of the item, there is now a sale going on with prices ranging from as low as $1.99 for individual spaces to $4.99 for bundled spaces. Unless specified all sales are temporary and can return to full price at any time. Currently the spaces on sale this week include:

  • Wizard’s Den cost $1.99
  • Summer House cost $2.99*
  • Lakeside Log Cabin cost $2.99*
  • Post-Apocalypse Apartment cost $2.99
  • Zombie “Deadquarters” cost $2.99

*Summer House and Log Cabin are available as a $4.99 bundle at the Exclusive’s Store.

Threads located on the first floor of the Mall

PSN Store Section

  • PlayStation Blog T-shirt is Free

Threads Section

  • Tester: Football Jersey with Tester Logo cost 49 cents

Costume Store located on the second floor of the Mall

  • Racing Pit Crew Value Pack cost $1.99
  • Individual Items Include:

  • Pit Crew Hat, Top, Pants and Boots cost 49 cents each
  • Racing Driver Value Pack cost $2.99
  • Individual Items Include:

  • Racing Driver Gloves, Pants and Boots cost 49 cents each
  • Racing Driver Helmet and Top cost 99 cents each

Furniture Store located on the second floor of the Mall

Final Fantasy 13 Section

  • FF13: Vigilarium Planter Set cost 99 cents
  • FF13: Vigilarium Chair cost 99 cents
  • FF13: Vigilarium Table cost 99 cents
  • FF13: Vigilarium Desk cost 99 cents
  • FF13: Vigilarium Sideboard in choice of style A or B cost 99 cents each
  • FF13: Vigilarium One-Seater Sofa cost $1.49
  • FF13: Vigilarium Taxidermic Specimen cost $1.49
  • FF13: Vigilarium Tonberry Figure cost $1.99
  • FF13: Vigilarium Cactuar Figure in choice of regular or flowering cost $1.99
  • FF13: Vigilarium Carbuncle Plushie cost $1.99

Luxury Racing Box Section

  • Luxury Racing Box: Racing Wheel Wall Art cost 99 cents
  • Luxury Racing Box: Racing Dining Chair cost 99 cents
  • Luxury Racing Box: Racing Dining Table cost 99 cents
  • Luxury Racing Box: Racing Coffee Table cost 99 cents
  • Luxury Racing Box: Racing Bar cost 99 cents
  • Luxury Racing Box: Racing Couch cost 99 cents
  • Luxury Racing Box: Racing Tool Chest cost 99 cents
  • Luxury Racing Box: Racing Trophy Case cost 99 cents
  • Luxury Racing Box: Racing Car in choice of Gray, Purple, Red or Blue cost 99 cents each
  • Luxury Racing Box: Race Car Value Pack cost $3.49 and includes all four racing cars
  • Luxury Racing Box: Racing Box Deco Value Pack cost $6.99 and includes furniture and wall hanging

Star Wars Section

  • Red Poster 1 Rex cost 99 cents

Indiana Jones Section

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark – Staff of Rah cost 99 cents
  • Indiana Jones Whip Mounted in Shadow Box cost $1.99
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark – Arc of the Covenant cost $2.99

Sodium One Store located on the First Floor of the Mall

  • VICKIE Headphones cost 99 cents
  • Long Range Plasma Emitter x 2 cost 99 cents*
  • Multi Shot Grenade Launcher x 2 cost 99 cents*

*Items also unlock the corresponding weapon upgrades for the Salt Shooter game.

Exclusives Store located on the first floor of the Mall

  • Flamingo On-the-Head cost 99 cents
  • Summer House/Log Cabin Value Pack cost $4.99

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