NVIDIA presents 3DTV Play, its latest gaming software

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Since James Cameron shocked everybody with the debut of Avatar on the big screen, 3D technology has been all the rage. More movies are being released in 3D now and different TV manufacturers are releasing models that employ this technology.

Fortunately videogames were not left behind, and with Sony’s announcement of the PS3’s 3D gaming capabilities, consoles are entering the race. Thanks to NVIDIA, PC gaming is also getting the 3D treatment.

NVIDIA recently announced its 3DTV Play, a software that allows PCs running Windows Vista or Windows 7 equipped with a GeForce graphics card, to connect to a TV with 3D technology. The software will let users play hundreds of PC games in 3D, including standard games not designed for stereoscopic play. 3DTV Play will also let users experience Blu-ray 3D movies as well as 3D digital photos.

I haven’t played a game in 3D but I was blown away by Avatar, so I imagine the experience will be awesome with the right game. This software sounds like a great addition for anyone with a decent gaming PC. Although I’m not sure how older games might turn out, it’s a good decision to allow for backwards compatibility.

NVIDIA 3DTV Play will be available Spring 2010 for about $39.99.

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