Exclusive Yellow Forest Pokéwalker route coming April 2010

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Pokémon Pokéwalker route Yellow ForestPokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver released last week and now comes the announcement of a special Pokéwalker course.

The new course will be aptly named Yellow Forest and it will involve a forest and the sheer number of Pikachu inside lends to the color in the title.

The Pokéwalker is a Pokéball-shaped device that is essentially a pedometer with some minigames in it. Don’t get me wrong, that hasn’t stopped me from carrying mine clipped to my belt from day to day. I caught an Oddish earlier, so everyone who thinks I’m weird can just chew on that.

The new course will be available via Nintendo Wi-Fi distribution starting April 2, 2010, and end April 30, 2010. The best part is that this sort of distribution doesn’t require players of Pokémon to wander into their local gaming outlet in search of a specific download location.

The girl at GameStop has, of late, been giving me odd stares for standing in the far corner of the store in attempts to garner both a special Pichu and Jirachi over the past couple months, so this is definitely a boon for having performed those treks so valiantly.

As if a special course wasn’t enough to whet the appetite, the Pokémon to be found on the course can be found nowhere else. It seems that there will be a number of special Pikachu available to catch, including one that knows Surf and one that knows Fly. For those who always wanted their Pikachu to be able to carry them about, I suppose.

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  • Jenni Lada

    That's great news! I wish they'd do that with all specials… I'd feel weird going into a Toys 'R Us for some of them.

    The guy at my local GameStop was really nice. I went in last week to get the Jirachi, and mentioned how I was upset about missing the Pichu. He told me to hold on a second, did something with the distribution cart, and then told me to do the Mystery Gift again. So I got both characters in one trip! I was so excited! XD

    So far all I've caught with the Pokewalker was an Onix. I'm disappointed, because it happened on the special route that the Jirachi unlocks and I was hoping for something better.

  • Nick

    So how will you do the distribution?.. Where is mystery gift at?

  • Maddison

    pokemon rocks

  • the unknown

    why wont i get yellow forest i keep on trying to search fo it in the via wfc and it wont work i need some help please

  • Somebody

    You have to go into GameStop and go into the Mystery Gift and connect Via Wireless.