How To: Use the Pokewalker

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DS PokewalkerThe Pokewalker is a handy little pedometer device included with every new copy of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. It not only serves as a means of getting Pokemon players out and walking, it also helps you train pokemon and find special items.

See, when a pokemon is transferred over, they get to explore a virtual world while you’re walking in the real one. They’ll earn experience points, find items battle wild pokemon and perhaps even battle. You don’t “have” to transfer a pokemon over. You can still earn watts for new routes and such while walking with your Pokewalker with no transferred pokemon in it, but the experience is more fun and rewarding when you do.

Gamertell’s prepared a quick step by step guide to help you with using your Pokewalker for the first time. Read on for tips and information on transferring pokemon and the Pokewalker’s functions.

Step 1: Transfer the pokemon from Pokemon: HeartGold and SoulSilver

This part is incredibly simple, especially since your DS will walk you though it. Basically, you turn on the DS and select “Connect to Pokewalker.” Then you choose the “Go for a Stroll” option on the screen. After that, you’ll be taken to your PC boxes to pick which pokemon will be transfered. (You can’t transfer a pokemon from your active party.) Select your pokemon and confirm that’s the one you want to walk with. Then, you select which route you want the pokemon to walk on.

Now, you connect. The DS will show an image on the top screen of how you should have the DS and pokewalker positioned. Press either the right or left most button on the Pokewalker and select the Connect option by pressing the center button. The pokemon will then be sent over, and when the process is completed you’ll hear a happy chime from both the DS and Pokewalker.

My only advice here is do the transfers on a flat surface. Sometimes the Pokewalker is finicky and won’t pick up the signal right away, and a flat surface seems to help.

Step 2: Walk for Watts

You need watts. Watts are earned by walking, and can be used to unlock new routes, use the poke radar and search for items. So – go walk.

You can cheat, if you want. Shaking the Pokewalker just so, mimicking a walking stride, will trick it into awarding you watts. If you’re lazy, that is.

pokewalker pedometer

Step 3: Pokeradar

The Pokeradar is the first of two main Pokewalker functions. It allows you to search and scout for wild pokemon. It costs 10 watts per use, and once you start you’ll see four plots of grass. A little exclamation mark will appear above one of them. Click that to enter a battle with a wild pokemon.

You’ll then see the wild pokemon on the left and your pokemon on the right. Each pokemon will have four little bars above their head, keeping track of their hit points. You then can choose to attack, catch or evade. You can use this to collect new pokemon, perhaps even ones not available in the main game. You can only hold up to two other captured wild pokemon, in addition to the one you’ve transferred over from your game.

Step 4: Dowsing

Dowsing helps you find items. It’s cheaper than the Pokeradar and only costs 3 watts. You only get two tries though. You’ll see six patches of grass, and must pick which ones to check for items. If you don’t get it on the first try, the game will give you a little hint as to whether an item is near or far. You can only keep three found items in your Pokewalker at a time.

Step 5: Other Functions

There are three other menu icons on the Pokewalker. The first is Trainer Card, which lets you see your name, the route you’re on and walking stats. Pokemon & Items shows you the pokemon in the Pokewalker (the one you originally transfered and newly caught) and items you’ve collected on the most recent walk. Settings lets you adjust the Pokewalker’s display settings and turn the sound on or off.

Step 6: Transfer the pokemon from the Pokewalker

Transferring your Pokewalker pokemon and items is incredibly simple. It’s basically Step 1 in reverse. You choose “Connect to Pokewalker” again. This time, two options come up, “Return from a stroll” and “Receive a gift.” If you want to keep walking with that pokemon, but transfer over items and pokemon so you can do more pokemon searching and dowsing, choose the second option. If you want to stop and transfer back, choose the first option.

Go into the Pokewalker’s main menu and move towards Connect. Press and hold the center button, and your pokemon will transfer back over, along with your steps record and any extra watts. Again, the DS and Pokewalker will both make a happy little chime signaling everything went well. You’ll then see a diary of the pokemon’s adventures in the Pokewalker. After that, you’re done!

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  • Pokefan1

    I think that's awesome! I can't wait to try it out! I've been trying to find out how to use it since I got it. (April 1st, 2010) Anyway, thanks for the help! (whoever wrote this article) :)It's now Easter Sunday so I now get another Easter treat!

  • Pokefan1

    Hey, Its me again! I tried out the pokewalker thing and it works great! My
    Typhlosion is almost level 48. I now have no more trouble figiting with my
    pokewalker. I'm next gonna try out leveling up my Togepi and my Pidgey.
    I had trouble getting the Red Gyarados and now I'm close to catching it!
    I was so stuck in one part of my game and all my leveling up made me nearly unstopable from where I am. (in a small town) Any of you out there
    from coast to coast across the U.S. leave me a reply down here under my reply to ask me if you need help with anything. I dont have an eMail so please, don't get angry.I can't wait to help some of you pokemon trianers
    out with this frustrating point!

  • Pokefan1

    I'm bored

  • nathan


    • Brian Webb

      it takes a long time to get this but if you are patient enough get any kind of rod you have
      (old rod would be helful) enter a lot of battles with magikarp and eventually you will get a shiny magikarp this takes a buttload of patience and dont kill it (otherwise youll have to do it all over again) and level it up to level 20 and you have a Red Gyarados

  • nathan


  • Liam

    Nathan from Hamilton, you must now get lucky and find a wild one, or trade for one.

  • Joshua

    I NEED HELP! I trnasferred the pokemon into the pokewalker, but now whenever i try to get it back, the pokewalker just says "NO TRAINER FOUND". Please help me!

  • MaybeMan

    I need help, I'm new to pokewalker and I want to reset nothing but the steps. How can a man go about doing such as this action required in order for me to proceed without any anonymous confusion and delay?

  • kathy

    hey how do i get it ON THE PC!

  • Nick

    maybeman heres your answer:
    if you walk with the pokéwalker at one day a few steps then you get that for the rest of the day.
    the next day you take a look at the pokéwalker and then you got 0 steps again.
    you cannot reset your steps.

    kathy heres your anwser:
    if you are in new bark town then you neeed to go to cherrygrove city later in the game.
    then you go to the pokemon center with the orange thing and there you see a computer.
    there is the pc.

    guys now me iam stuck:
    listen,im on the pokewalker at town outskirts.
    i unlocked it on 1000 steps and now ive got 10000 steps and iam still on town outskirts.
    i dont know whats wrong…
    if you need to know it iam gonna fight the elite 4.
    plz help me!!

  • Nick

    sorry joshua heres your anwser:
    are you sure you tried it with your first game you connected to the pokéwalker?
    if so you need to aim at the game.if it dont works iam sorry

  • kikinerdking

    NO nathan, defeat the elite four and EVERY legendary pokemon and the red gyarados will come back

  • Mar

    I lost my original Pokewalker, and then got a new one. How do I sync up the new pokewalker to the pre-existing game?

  • Jenni Lada

    You should be able to sync up the new pokewalker the same way you did the old one Mar.

  • dufusmom

    We just got pokewalker, how do I get the pokemon into the pc box, so I can select it?

  • ant

    i found a pokewalker on the ground and it has been used but i never had one and i DO have heartgold and soul silver just they did not come with a pokewalker
    how do i sync found pokewalker to my game??????????


  • John

    I saved up watts and now i transferd my pokemon back with my 440 watts… How do i get my watts back? Or am i outta luck :/

  • ryan

    how do u get lugia my freind earased my new game tah thad every pokemon I got every pokemon but LUGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!