UFO abducts Monster Racers and Monster Rancher DS

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Monster RacersIf you were still hoping that Monster Rancer DS would be released this month, even though there’s been little to no news about it, you should probably sit down. Tecmo Koei isn’t handling it anymore. UFO Interactive has taken the reigns for both Monster Rancher DS and Monster Racers.

Both games are still coming out, but the timeline is different. Monster Racers is going to be released in Summer 2010, and Monster Rancher DS‘s release date is now unknown. Originally, Monster Rancher DS was supposed to be out March 30, 2010, with Monster Racers following a few months later.

In each game you’re working with monsters. Monster Racers has you going through dungeons to collect monsters, and then training them to race in a story mode or with friends. It also has downloadable courses and an online scoreboard. Monster Rancher DS also has you collecting monsters, but you generate them with drawings or sounds. You also battle and breed them with friends, either with local or wireless multiplayer.

Monster Racers and Monster Rancher DS were only two of three DS games that Tecmo Koei was working on. The third is Again. Now Again is going to be all alone when it debuts March 30, 2010.

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