Redeem yourself in Din’s Curse

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Din's CurseCursing off dieties is never a good thing, and Din’s Curse is a pretty good example of what happens when you do. Your character was a pretty spiteful person, the first time around. He didn’t help people around him, even though he had the means and ability to, and instead decided to cause even more trouble for them! Din saw what he did though, and didn’t like it. So now your character has to live a second life, going around the world helping people, taking their missions and vanquishing monsters to make up for how he behaved the first time around.

Din’s Quest is an action-RPG that can be played alone. However, if you know someone who also owns a copy, you can team up to help each other out too! It’s pretty easy to get started, you just make a character by either choosing one of the six full classes that has three specialty jobs or creating your own hybrid class by choosing any two of the specialties available from all the jobs. (This means there are 141 character combinations.) Then you go out into the world and start atoning. Depending on how you act and what you do, the game will change.

Another great thing about Din’s Quest is that practically anyone with a computer can play. It works on both PCs and Macs. I’d still download the demo first to make sure it’ll work on your system. Plus, it’s made by Soldak Entertainment, which was responsible for Kivi’s Underworld. It’s a little pricy at $24.99, but you can always sample the demo first to make sure you like it, and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t enjoy it or can’t get it to run on your computer.

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