Xbox Live Arcade having inventory blowout sale

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South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play

Got some Microsoft Points burning a hole in your pocket, or hard drive, as it were?

Microsoft is having an inventory blowout sale on 10 Xbox Live Arcade titles with discounts around 50 percent. It’s an interesting mix including a Wallace and Gromit episode, Konami arcade classic Track and Field and perhaps the first South Park game ever to receive decent reviews.

The sale is going on now through April 7, 2010, and these prices are available to both Gold and Silver Xbox Live members.

  • South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play from 800 to 400 MP
  • Super Street Fighter II HD Remix from 1200 to 560 MP
  • Defense Grid from 800 to 400 MP
  • Rocket Riot from 800 to 400 MP
  • Mad Tracks from 800 to 400 MP
  • Track & Field from 400 to 240 MP
  • Lumines Live from 800 to 400 MP
  • Age of Booty from 800 to 400 MP
  • Schizoid from 800 to 400 MP
  • Wallace & Gromit Episode 1 from 800 to 400 MP

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