Toys ‘R Us buy-one-get-one game sale, selling DS Toy Story value bundle

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Toys R Us sale ad April 2 - 3 2010Good news for those of you near a Toys ‘R Us – the store is holding a two day sale from April 2-3, 2010. While most of the sale items are various children’s toys, there are a few video game and electronic deals to check out.

For example, all video games are buy one, get one half off. Unlike previous Toys ‘R Us sales, there are no console or price restrictions. If you can find two games in the store that you want, the cheaper of the two will be half-off. (If they’re both the same price, then one will be half-off and the other full price.)

There’s also a custom DS/DSi bundle that’ll only be available those two days. Perhaps to prepare and get people hyped up for Toy Story 3, Toys ‘R Us has fashioned a makeshift Toy Story value bundle. You can get a DS or DSi, a Toy Story DS/DSi case and a copy of the Toy Story or Toy Story 2 special edition Blu-ray and DVD set for $25 dollars less than it would normally be all together. The DSi bundle should end up costing around $184, and the DS bundle should be around $144. So you’re almost getting the Toy Story or Toy Story 2 movie for free.

Finally, Toys ‘R Us is offering gift cards if you decide you need an iPod Touch in your life. If you buy the $199.99 8gb or $299.99 32gb iPod Touch you’ll get a $25 Toys ‘R Us gift card and a $15 iTunes gift card.

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