Gamertell Review: Whisper of a Rose: Gold for PC

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Whisper of a Rose: Gold

Title: Whisper of a Rose: Gold
Price: $19.99
System(s): PC
Release Date: April 5, 2010
Publisher (Developer): RosePortal Games (RosePortal Games)
ESRB Rating: N/A – I’d say 13 and up, since there are some touchy issues like bullying and child abuse.
Pros: Lovely music, interesting mix of futuristic and fantasy worlds, quick save feature, optional tutorial messages, can save anytime, detailed sprites and environments, diary keeps track of quests, lots of side quests, crafting feature to create equipment and items, can skip difficult puzzles by agreeing to forfeit a reward, can see enemies on the map and intriguing story.
Cons: No note saying that you must press W on the keyboard to save changes in the Options menu if you don’t have a mouse with a middle button. You can’t be a summoner on the first playthrough. Surprisingly difficult early on and level grinding is mandatory.
Overall Score: Two thumbs up, 92/100, A-, * * * * out of 5

RosePortal Games’ first title Whisper of a Rose: Gold is an intriguing one. It’s can fall into the casual PC RPG category, but it possesses a depth and serious uncommon in most games. The tale is quite tragic, at times, and as players get to know the heroine Melrose, they’ll geniunely begin to feel for, and pity her. Once she gets the opportunity to live out all her dreams, it still ends up taking a darker turn. It makes you want to work even harder and perserve in the hopes that you can somehow help her overcome her situation and oppressors.

Whisper of a Rose: Gold

The tale of a bullied girl searching for happiness

Whisper of a Rose: Gold is set in 2024, in the suburbs. In the future, only the poor live there, and Melrose is one of those more unfortunate citizens. She’s a 17 year old college student who’s spent most of her life bullied and abused by not only her peers, but her parents as well. She’s unappreciated and overlooked unless someone wants someone to blame or pick on.

So, it’s only natural someone like that would look for some kind escape. Melrose looks to fairytales and fantasies. She dreams of strong warrior princesses, fighting for themselves and those less fortunate. And she regularly visits her local museum.

Melrose then hears that the iDream, a prototype device that will allow people to enter and live in their imaginations, is going to be on display at her local museam while locked in her family’s basement by her parents. She remarks that she’d want one, and heads to school with a castle she built for a project. Her mother chases her out of the house, and she almost makes it to her destination. Almost, because two classmates attack her and destroy the castle shortly after she gets to the school. Melrose cracks, and decides she’s going to steal the iDream prototype. She does, and the police chase afterward provides the adrenaline boost necessary to make the device work. She then finds herself in an imaginary, but dangerous, dream world that doesn’t provide the escape and freedom she hoped it would. She now must find a way to escape and return to reality.

Whisper of a Rose: Gold

Very intricate and detailed, but also a little intimidating

The first thing you’ll notice upon beginning a Whisper of a Rose: Gold adventure is the detail. It’s incredibly detailed, with intricate sprites depicting all kinds of items like computers, exercise equipment and so on. There’s also a lot of hand-drawn accents, like character portraits and scenes, which enrich the game. The music is also quite pleasant, and works to create an appropriate ambiance.

It also has a story that’s mature, classic and unique all at once. Melrose is a sympathetic heroine, a young woman who’s trapped and held back by unfortunate circumstances beyond her control. And, on the rare chance she tries to stand up for herself and break free, she’s only thrown back down again. It’s no wonder she’d dream of a perfect, fantasy world and want to retreat into fantasies and dreams. Unfortunately, even her dream world, the perfect sanctuary the iDream is supposed to give her, isn’t the safe and perfect respite she hoped it would be. You find yourself genuinely rooting and hoping for Melrose throughout the game.

One thing I mention in the Pros and Cons section above is that Whisper of a Rose: Gold starts out surprisingly difficult. This isn’t just because the first puzzle you’ll encounter is tricky and may require several attempts to complete. The first area Melrose finds herself in once she’s used the iDream stacks the odds against the players. Melrose starts at level one, and not a strong level one either. The yellow orb enemies she’ll face can deal between 3-8 points of damage to her, and my paladin Melrose could only deal between 0-3 points of damage. Battles end up fairly drawn out, which is surprising for an introductory sequence that’s also acting as a bit of a battle tutorial. Even worse is she needs 15 experience points to reach level two, and each yellow orb grants only one experience point.

Whisper of a Rose: Gold

Whisper of a Rose: Gold provides a unique and challenging experience.

Whisper of a Rose: Gold is one of the more mature PC RPGs I’ve seen. Even though the story possesses futuristic and fantastic qualities, the story also contains a raw realism that makes it easier for the player to connect with Melrose and her endeavors. It looks good and provides quite a challenge that I’m sure many RPG fans will welcome. Plus, the crafting system and puzzles can help get players thinking, rather than having them go from battle to battle or fetch quest to fetch quest. The mature storyline and mandatory level grinding may put off some people, but all in all it’s a wonderful game worth playing.

Site [Whisper of a Rose: Gold]

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  • Jenni Lada

    @ Jo:

    First, the version I played had no problem with lag, and had in fact fixed any lagging issues.

    Second, all of the screenshots I've included with the game I took while playing. They cover the first half hour I spent playing Whisper of a Rose: Gold. (I chose not to show pictures from further into the game to keep from showing spoilers.) The graphics are all original sprites created by the developer, not slightly editor or stock images from RPG Maker.

    Third, a reviewer is supposed to play a game and judge it based on what he or she has experienced. Not on what other people have experienced. I spent all of last week playing Whisper of a Rose: Gold and enjoyed every moment of it.

    Fourth, from what I've seen from researching online, the first announcement of Whisper of a Rose was mentioned in May 2009 and it was going to be a free game. The developer then decided to make it a commercial game, and edited everything to prepare for that. The "release" date was tentatively set for December, 2009, and it was finally released as Whisper of a Rose: Gold in April, 2010.

    I don't know where you've gotten the idea of the developer scamming customers, but I've checked online and with RosePortal and found no mention of what you're insinuating. Perhaps you are upset that RosePortal decided to make Whisper of a Rose a commercial game and charge people for it.

  • Inq

    erm… ok… no offense but if you are going to attempt reviewing games, you need to get your facts straight.
    There has been a whole thread about it:

    It's time to redeem yourself…

  • Jenni Lada

    @ Jo: I was just typing a second response to you when I received notification of another response from you.

    I was continuing my research and checked at Amaranth Games. When a user there commented and asked if he/she would get Whisper of a Rose: Gold for free after purchasing Whisper of a Rose, the RosePortal developer/representative said that if the user had his or her reference number from buying Whisper of a Rose, he or she could get Whisper of a Rose: Gold for free.

    So it looks like there was an early Whisper of a Rose commercial release, and this is now the perfected, unbugged and enhanced version.

    I'm sorry I posted prematurely before finding this information at Amaranth Games. However, when I did search online using Bing, Google and Yahoo I couldn't find any information on the first RosePortal Whisper of a Rose release.

    I'm sorry that you experienced such problems with Whisper of a Rose. The version of the game I played, Whisper of a Rose: Gold, was quite enjoyable though and didn't suffer from the problems you had mentioned in your comment. As the notice you posted and information at Amaranth states though – at least you will be receiving the enhanced game Whisper of a Rose: Gold for free.

  • Jenni Lada

    @ Inq: Like I just said to Jo, I was continuing researching the issue after making the first comment and found information at Amaranth Games mentioning the issue.

    And the BLOSSOMSOFT website and forum topic did not come up in any of my Google, Yahoo or Bing searches for info in issues with the game Whisper of a Rose.

    I apologize for posting a comment without completely finishing researching the issue.

    Nonetheless, I did very much enjoy Whisper of a Rose: Gold, and thought it was a very good RPG.

  • Jenni Lada

    @ Jo: Again, I'm very sorry for commenting before completely finishing my research, and thanks to Inq for the very informative link.

    I can imagine your anger then, and with what happened. At the very least, at least now you can get the game you paid for, though it is late.

    Once again, please accept my apologies.

  • Dysgal

    I like Jo am one of the angry players and feel extremely hurt and even appalled when sites like yours endorse this game.

    The developer released the original game last year FULLY AWARE of its many bugs and INCOMPLETE status. And by incomplete I don't mean the game was planed as an episode, I really mean no end… in any case, there were so many bugs along the way that you were unlikely to reach that point anyway.

    When players started complaining the developer shut down his website and simply DISAPPEARED with their money. NO REFUNDS!

    A year later he is back adds Gold to the title (it seems a complete game is now a bonus) and resumes life like nothing went wrong. Then he states that previous buyers can upgrade for free like it's a generous action from his side!

    On top of it all there was no public apology of any kind and details referring to his obscure actions have been erased when possible or otherwise shushed!

    Seeing review sites and portals backing him up it's like everyone is applauding on his accomplishment: "Way to go!" or even if not they're at least saying the end justified the means and that is already bad enough!

    We would all be better forgiving if instead of this dismissive behaviour the developer had come clean, started by emailing previous buyers with an apology letter, saying that if instead of the new version they could have their money back and then leave a visible official apology on the main page of his site! This was not the case and therefore the anger remains!

  • Jenni Lada

    @ Dysgal: If you would like a refund, then you should consult with RosePortal Games.

    I have done even more research into the Whisper of a Rose issue. I learned that RosePortal's developer issued public apologies for Whisper of a Rose at Amaranth Games and other popular, independent and game forums. I also learned that he did offer refunds to anyone who emailed him and requested one.

    As for RosePortal's original website, the hosting provider was arrested for illegal acts and behavior. Not RosePortal games. So the company had to acquire a whole new website, find a new host/service and once again get a domain name.

    I can understand your anger at what happened and respect your opinion and feelings. However, I still believe Whisper of a Rose: Gold is an entertaining and worthwhile PC RPG and recommend it. I stand by my review. I'm not reviewing the game company – I'm reviewing the final product Whisper of a Rose: Gold.

    If you truly feel so strongly about the issue, then perhaps your energy would be best spent spending a heartfelt and intelligent letter to RosePortal Games expressing your concerns.

  • newneo

    If you believe his apology was heartfelt then you are among the few, I for one did ask for a refund, and have asked for one since his return. I'm still being ignored even though I have provided all the proof required. Therefore I suggest to you he has not changed and probably in a few weeks time we will find out what he wants the money for this time probably another trip to Japan, or will it be Russia this time.

    Your attitude show a total lack of respect for your readers – just a typical reviewer all words and no action.

  • Nehosa

    It's a damn shame when a crap game and terrible scam developer like RosePortal gets all the honor and a fantastic dedicated company like Aldorlea gets the lowest rating.
    Have you got something against the French? Hummm I guess the answer is obvious

  • Nehosa

    Reviewers are always full of themselves.
    There is God, then them.

  • Dysgal

    Jenni I do not wish to engage with you in a mental arm wrestle. However, you are being defensive about actions done by others when you weren't even aware of them at the start of this discussion.

    I assume you write your reviews for the players, not the developers. As such they most certainly deserve to be aware of this particular developer lack of moral scruples. In fact, to me that influences the decision to buy a game more than anything be it graphics, music, or script.

    If I left my post here it was exactly to do just that. I would like to know if I'm supporting a con artist with my money, wouldn't you?

    You missed my point entirely, the developer not only acted wrongfully he still covered up his actions by deleting players posts whenever possible. There wasn't any heartfelt apology. There was only a post at Amaranth, which he felt forced to leave after a lot of players where demanding it of him – it was either that or I doubt Amaranth's developer would have allowed him to sell the game there again. In his own site, where is the apology? There's not even a mention of it! All has been deleted! As for contacting him directly… seriously, you think burnt players haven't been doing just that?

    The fact that you feel the need to justify your review by stating again that you recommend this game for players to buy, rather than simply regretting that you endorsed it without being aware of these facts, simply tells me you don't care how big of a crook the developer is and that his actions along the way should be forgiven and/or forgotten because the final product is good – so like I said earlier you're saying that the end justifies the means!

  • Nehosa

    Dreamscape is a FAR better game than Whisper of a Rose anyway.
    Both reviews are really bad jokes and the ratings should be reversed.

  • Jenni Lada

    @ Newneo: I said nothing about whether his apology was heartfelt or not. I simply stated the fact that an apology did appear on multiple sites and gaming forums.

    My task was to review the game. I reviewed the game.

    @ Nehosa: I don't have any grudges or biases against anyone. If your statement were even remotely true, then I wouldn't have given Eternal Eden a 90/100. Granted, Blossomsoft is a Canadian developer, but still. (It has some script issues, and since they were minor – especially compared to DreamScape, it got a well deserved score.)

    @ Dysgal: First, I don't regret endorsing it. The game is well made and interesting to play.

    The developer did have shady actions. This is true. And the people who have come to this page to leave intelligent comments educating readers to what happened were right to do so. You can't dispute that anyone who'd come, read this story and then read the comments wouldn't think twice before buying Whisper of a Rose: Gold. So the goal of the commenters who came here to educate other buyers was fulfilled.

    And, as a reviewer, I don't write for the developers. I don't give good scores just because I get a free game, like the creator or petty reasons.

    However, the story I wrote wasn't a profile, feature or analysis of the developer. It was a review of just the game. On it's own. The commenters did the job of educating other readers about RosePortal's past and their opinions on the developer.

    As to your calling me defensive, step into my shoes for a moment. I am being bombarded right now in two reviews I have written. Here, I could understand wanting to leave comments on RosePortal's history and prior actions. It was done, and Jo, Inq and you left insightful, well thought out and educated comments. But then you get commenters who leave hurtful and untrue comments like "Reviewers are always full of themselves. There is God, then them." and "Have you got something against the French? Hummm I guess the answer is obvious."

    But then you get what is being said at the DreamScape review. I'm not even going to get into that – I don't want to and I don't need that kind of stress, negativity and hostility in my life.

    If I come across as defensive here, I apologize. But, did you consider that it may be because of what's happening there, and not here? I understand, two separate stories/issues, but I'm typically crafting responses to both at the same time.

    @ Jo: I'm supposed to be unbiased. I admitted you were correct earlier, and then I also mentioned learning additional information from Amaranth Games' forums and members.

  • Nehosa

    You are bombarded because you come accross as a terribly biased and unjust reviewer and have hurt the feelings of many people.

    BTW Canadian has nothing to do with French.
    I stand by my position.

  • Dysgal

    Jenni: Indeed I never intended for my comments to be offensive to you and I apologize if they came off as that.

    I posted here because I felt people should be aware of this particular developer's lack of moral grounds. The experience players went through with him was some sort of never-ending nightmare.

    When you replied partially defending the developer's side of the story and suggesting me to take my issues up with him that too touched a soft spot. It felt like my comments weren't welcomed here and that you weren't interested in how his behaviour actually affected people's lives. This after so many deleted posts over at the developer's site and the details you've heard from above… well, you step into my shoes.

    When I questioned whether your reviews were being directed at players rather than developers I didn't mean it in such a nasty way. Simply meant your focus is to inform the players rather than giving a feedback (good or bad) to the developer and informing the players was all I was trying to do with my earlier post too. Just thought I should clarify that bit.

    And I wasn't even referring to your score here – simply at the fact that I do regret that all the sites are endorsing his game one way or another and how sad it makes me feel to know that he simply got away with his actions… and in a way is even being rewarded for them. :-(

    As for the Dreamscape review I shall address there what I meant with my comments as it seems indeed both sides are being very defensive and that is never a good environment for constructive criticism to be taken into consideration.

  • Thomas

    I personally bought Whisper of a Rose: Gold and loved it. It wasn't the greatest game ever, but it wasn't as bad as you're saying. Even if it was a terrible game, it doesn't change that everyone's tastes are different- one person's greatest game ever is another person's most hated game ever and vice versa. What do you expect her to do- take her own money and give it to you? Go to the developer's house and kick his ass for you?

  • Me

    I have purchased the game last year. I was left angry and suprised after the site was down. But since he returns with the revised version as he did promise…
    Hopefully he has learned something from it.
    For the record, I bought the game again.
    No. I'm not filthy rich, I'm earning very little but from time to time I can afford these little pleasures. And for what it's worth, Rose stands out from Aldofrlea games which I personally hate- no offense to anyone who likes them, It's just my taste. It's far better graphically and linguistically too. The storyline is far less cliched than any aldorlea games though the story per se is cliched. See? I am critical.
    I had enough of Aldorlea after laxius force I. I tried asguaard- it was dreadful.
    But I"m glad they have a devoted community.
    I'm letting Jean pass this one and going to give him one more chance to prove himself.
    I"m not faultless and I will not be the first to throw stones at him.

  • Me

    He did re-release the game for free, though, for those who paid and tried to make up for last year. I just wouldn't judge him yet.
    All rpgs look the same….I will have to stop bothering with this silliness eventaully. But I did like Whispoer of a Rose. And I do not regret buying it. In the sea of sameness it had distinguishing factors, though all rpgs are essentially lame.
    Aquaria is really the game to play for some top-notch entertainment. The makers have shown great dedication to their work, producing a beautiful artpiece of a game.
    Well. That's all.
    Kind regards to all, no matter the opinion on whisper of a Rose. The most important thing is that everyone can find a game to suit their needs and tastes.

    De gustibus non est disputandum, after all.

  • Jo

    The game may well have stood out for some last year not now as there have been many releases since then that are better and I've heard it still has many problems and some reviews have said it falls flat after the point of the original ended last time. I don't know any of that for sure as even though I could have the game for free that would be like saying I agree with his con job from last year.

    At the end of the day would you allow some one to "steal" from your mother, father, son, daughter – maybe you like being treated like a door mat but some like myself do not.

    He blamed everyone but himself for the issues and none of his apologies have been genuine – half hearted attempts that if you read them really say ok sucker I'm back to do it all again.

    Had he put his hands up last year admitted there was issue and was honest then perhaps some may not be as angry. Instead he left honest hard working people to field the complaints and allowed some to take the blame while he swanned off with his money on a field trip – where was it again – Japan I heard.

    I buy most rpg games and I honestly believe that small indy games makers deserve a chance and he's the only one I've found who has behaved this way and I've been buying and playing games for many years.

    I also am involved in beta testing and although I could get free copies I usually buy the game after it is relesed to support the developer to encourage the creation of new games. So this isn't about the game as such but the developer who really gets others a bad name because for me it reduces the trust as new developer.may see how he's been "rewarded" for conning the customer and try it themselves.

  • Victor Delacroix

    Well, I was testing the Gold release very thoroughly and as you can read on the forums, I detected several ingame bugs. All were fixed, according to the creator and a new build will be released soon.

    But, I arrived late. I am sure that the game was completable in it's initial state, but somewhere along the way of updating (there were 7 releases in total, 1.00-1.07) old incomplete files must have been accidentally included, making the game uncompletable. For example, 1.03 had a World Map bug after Montas College, the dreamworld version. But this is not Arend-Jan's fault, but his testers'. Now, as I am voluntarily testing every new build that pops up, no bug will survive long enough, but this only proves one thing: one should choose testers carefully.

    Now, I don't understand how can one be so full of it to call someone's apology half-hearted. To fully understand someone's motives one has to quite literally enter one's mind, and that is impossible, so why do I read words such as "half-hearted apologies" or "conning"? Now, in here we have a tragic coincidence of three things that happened.

    1. During the process of updating the game, accidentally wrong files were included, permanently breaking the game.
    2. The testers did not catch these out.
    3. To top it off, AJ was scammed by the website hoster and RosePortal Games website was taken down.

    AJ could not have addressed anything in this state, because he needed to resolve all sorts of problems, and yet he found a way to reach the players and even more: the registration codes from the regular WoaR work with Gold so every previous buyer was able to play the game only by redownloading the installer. No hassle whatsoever, just download the updated version and bam, you're ready to go.

    Even more so, the game returned expanded. Instead of empty words of apology, the long awaiting time was rewarded by an even bigger game, expanded in multiple areas. Even moreso, AJ is swiftly fixing any bug I report and that proves one thing: he was, is and will remain to be a solid developer who does not cease to update his product, but even he requires cooperation. His previous betatesters have proven to be not accurate enough, but there is a new boy in town (yes, me) and no bug shall come unnoticed. To top it off, the RosePortal Forums community remains to be just as supportive, helping in gameplay issues of any kind.

    True, an almost-year-long development hell AFTER a game's release is unusual and might prove frustrating, but it's all over. If you people prefer to throw around words like: disgrace, scam, conning, swindle, lawsuit, etc, etc, but this only proves how you all think only in categories of holding grudges, vindictiveness and hatred. AJ has fixed and expanded the game and he has the full right to sell it! It has a truly unique and moving story, in comparison to all these AldoClones one being a xero of another, without proper battle system or character animation and other cool stuff. Everyone has a right to make mistakes and unfortunate circumstances leading to inability of fixing these do not give anyone the right to judge.

    Judge not, or you shall be judged.

  • Jo

    How can anyone believe this game is good? The developer is nothing more than a con artist who scammed the buyers the first time round because he wanted money for a trip.

    Also the game runs extremely slowly the graphics are appalling and it takes forever to get to what is supposed to be the best bits. The graphics you show here are well into the game if you manage to trudge through the slow reactions and poor development.

    I also believe you as a reviewer should check the forums more often and check what players are actually saying. How can you endorse a game where the developer is actually responsible for many players losing money with them returning with the same game with the same issues and expecting people to pay?

    All I can think is perhaps you are not as impartial as you believe yourself to be..

  • Jo

    Sorry but this most definitely is a re-release of a game from last year that caused a lot of problems when the developer disappeared. Please check your facts. Of course the developer’s site won't tell you he produced a game of inferior quality then disappeared leaving many angry customers. As someone who purchased the game first time I think I know when I've be had. So if you or the developer for that matter continues to call me a liar I will sue both of you for libel. It appears some people have very short memories in rpg circles but I think if you ask hard core rpgers like myself who buy almost all games of this type you'll find a few more like me.

    This is the advetisment on several site – check the disclaimer at the top – it n ow claims to be the completed version.

    "Whisper of a Rose

    Attention! This is the re-release of the game of the same name released in 2009.
    If you had bought it back then, you can still use your key to play the completed version of April 2010.

    Explore over 40 magical lands! 30+ hours of gameplay! Mouse controls!
    Summon dream creatures! Enjoy 35 original and beautiful music tracks!

    Follow the story of Melrose as she enters the realm of dreams! Melrose is
    an introverted girl who seems to be only unlucky with life. Seeking happiness, she one day steals a gadget that draws her into a happy dreamworld.

    But once she is there, the dreamworld is revealed to be a dangerous place instead. A mysterious fairy godmother appears and offers to help Melrose leave. Suddenly the fairy is kidnapped, and Melrose must set out on a journey to find her. This journey takes her from treetrop villages and pirate coves to underwater cities and even valentine towns .

    Whisper of a Rose is a unique and moving game. It features a strong cast of characters that will stay with you for years, and many puzzles and quests."

  • Jo

    Jenni – I like many were and are still very angry and feel burnt by the experience. I don't know how but most of the site that people registered their anger seems to have dropped off the search radar. But Blossomsoft wasn't the only site that had similar topics.

    Like many when I initially purchased the game I expected some errors, most small developers release games and fix with the help of the players pointing out where the errors occur, and that's what we expected with this but not what we got.

    Then for the developer to return and sell the same game again with a cursory "if you bought it before you can have it free" like he's doing us a favour. The saying is "fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me"

  • Jo

    I am actually appalled by your attitude not only did this cretin swindle adults, he stole money from children who saved their pocket money for this game. Some may think 20 dollars is nothing but to some it is a hard slog to save for little more than a shell and then to be ignored and overlooked.

    Defend him all you like but your attitude does you no favours and shows that you are little better than he is as you appear to applaud his behaviour and reward it as do the portals and developers who are promoting and selling this game. It makes me wonder if I should consider never buying from any of these portals/developers again

  • Jo

    @Thomas – I'm guessing as you have Gold – you have recently purchased this game – not the incomplete version the developer sold last year and then disappeared without a word leaving many angry customers in the lurch.

    The game last year was completely unplayable read Blossomsofts forum and you may understand the anger some feel at this developer. For him now to return 1 year later with no proper public apology to those said customers is a disgrace. Especially when he was quite happy to allow other people to take the blame for his basically criminal actions.

    Oh and I have subsequently found out this developer also did the same thing 2 years ago.

    No one is asking Jenni to do anything but appreciate that some feel a review for this game was totally inappropriate due to the circumstances around it inception. It's like saying you can con your customers that is ok because reviewer, games portals and other developers will give you a free pass and reward you next time you try.

    Do you really think that is ok? How would you have reacted had you been in our shoes?

  • Jo

    Seems that the creator takes absolutely no responsibility for any of this – it was the host who scammed him – it was plimus who failed in their duty – it was the beta testers etc ., the list is endless as to the excuses I’ve heard

    Sorry but I do believe no matter what occurred with the host, if indeed it’s true, he as the program creator had a duty to inform us the customer of possible issues and the fact he was withdrawing the game, instead he vanished and he allowed another program creator to take the blame for his misdemeanours a site that was initially supporting him and selling the game for him, a game he continued to sell for many months after his site went down and he vanished into the ether.

    So he’s still blaming others, what would Amanda at Amaranth say if she knew he was now blaming the testers from her site for the current failings of the game because that’s what it sounds like you are saying, is he going to blame Amaranth this time. So should I email Amanda or should you and inform her what a terrible job she's done?

    As I said before this has nothing to do with the game, it could be the best thing since sliced bread but his behaviour and attitude did it for me. There has been no proper public apology anywhere, at the very least I feel he owes Blossomsoft a very big and public apology the company that his behaviour almost cost them their reputation because they continued to support him even after it was obvious he’d disappeared and left everyone high and dry.

    I think this young man needs to stand up and take the flack and make a proper apology and think that may be a start for some.

  • Victor Delacroix

    He never blamed anyone, it is I who said that the testers did not do enough! Because from the list of bugs in the latest 2.0 iteration (May 07) detected by me, you can see that these bugs were not hunted down until I showed up. If you agree to test the game, you should test it thoroughly, not just pee your pants, forgive the phrase, because you get to play it early. IDK who exactly tested the game before, but it is OBVIOUS that they did not fulfill the tasks. I played both the regular AND gold edition and I know what I am talking about.

  • dgfht45

    the guy released it not "buggy" but unfinished and sold it as whole. there was a purposeful bug placed in to stop you from advancing (to make you think oh noes a bug – wait for patch) when in fact the game was not complete. by hacking into it a bit you could advance and see his little notes (put text here, redo this) and such.

    very clever – he seemed to be wanting $$$ earlier, thinking he would get to see if sales were good enough or such and then later finish it (or make a patch or GOLD edition-lmao)

    He did far worse than the corps did with dlc that was already in the game- not a smart move when you have low hundreds to a thousand of potential- likely customers – not millions and a legal team that could get a 6 yr old boy with one lung addicted to cigs and get tax credits for it.

    It is not good to tie yourself to this – If you want to play it anyway – go find a cracked version (very easy to find) and pirate it with a pristine concious – because you are thieving from a thief.

    The injustice here is that a lot of indie sites are still passing this pos around – I guess they want their commision of sales. Its not that great a game anyway.