Synopsis Quest lets you complete an RPG in around 30 seconds

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Synopsis QuestPretty slow day today, isn’t it? I bet you could probably use a some kind of distraction. In that case, you may want to head over to Skipmore and try out Synopsis Quest, a free, browser-based, RPG mini-game collection that’s available in English and Japanese.

Synopsis Quest is simplistic, but not simple. You perform all actions with the directional keys and spacebar, and take part in 25 brief quests. Each quest will take between five and ten seconds to complete. You can perform them in any order you want, and once you’ve completed them all you get to see a special ending screen.

The thing is, Synopsis Quest isn’t as simple as you’re led to believe. Take, for example, quest number two. You’re tasked with creating a hero. This means you have to press the space bar at just the right time to lock in just the right stats. If you miss, you end up creating a fighter or mage character and lose. You don’t know what stats you need, so you have to keep replaying it over and over. Also, the third quest isn’t as straightforward as it sounds either, but you’ll see for yourself when you give it a try.

I have to admit, I’m quite fond of the fourth quest. I can’t count how many times I’ve wished I could walk away from some long-winded explanation in a game. The ninth quest is cheap though! I went through that three times before I had to search online for a solution. My absolute favorite is the sixteenth quest, though, where you have to, “act like a hero.”

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