Rumor: Free Windows PC games getting Microsoft Live support

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Joystiq is reporting a rumor that free Windows games including Solitaire, Freecell and Minesweeper are soon to receive Microsoft Live functionality.

That would mean that after registering for a Games for Windows account (it’s free to do so) players of those games could access to Leaderboards, chat and, of course, Xbox Live Achievements.

Elite Gamerscore grinders have used PC games to pump up their numbers for a while now. A famous glitch allows players of Fallout 3 on PC to unlock achievements that take hours of Xbox 360 role-playing in seconds. I use the term “playing” loosely where the PC version is concerned as it allows you to change your character’s level at will, thus unlocking level-based achievements.

And since the games in question here are free, you better believe large quantities of Gamerscore grinding will ensue if this rumor proves true. We may even some people who exclusively play PC games become achievement point addicts. Those that don’t care about the points can just continue enjoying the games and see how they stack up against other players on the Leaderboards.

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