Deadly Premonition an even better deal today at Amazon

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Deadly PremonitionIgnition’s latest Xbox 360 game, Deadly Premonition was a really good deal to begin with. Instead of being over $40 or $50 like most Xbox 360 games, it was given the budget price of $19.99. Now, Amazon has declared it to be its Video Game Deal of the Day and dropped the price down to $14.98 for today (April 7, 2010) only.

Deadly Premonition is a horror game similar to the Silent Hill series of games. An FBI agent named Francis York Morgan has been sent to a small town called Greenvale to investigate a murder. It turns out this murder is just one of many, and is related to the Red Seed Murders that have been taking place throughout the town. All the the murders, and even the town, have a supernatural element to them and Agent York will soon be faced with quests and characters he never expected to meet.

If you’re looking for another cheap Ignition game, you may want to check out Blue Dragon Plus while you’re shopping. Amazon has discounted the normally $29.99 DS game to $9.98. The Blue Dragon Plus price drop isn’t part of the Deal of the Day, so it should still be there tomorrow if you want to contemplate buying it.

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