Capcom will release online quests for Monster Hunter Tri

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Monster Hunter Tri

In case you were already worrying about what you’d do when the quests run out in Monster Hunter Tri, Capcom’s got an announcement that’ll erase any fears or doubts. It turns out that Capcom will be making good use of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to provide online quests.

Every month, Capcom is going to announce the online quests for the month via Capcom Unity. You can then make the appropriate plans so you can be online and playing Monster Hunter Tri when they come up. After you’ve taken part and completed one of these special quests, you’ll get a rare item you can use for equipment upgrades. Capcom’s also announced that it will have a cyclical schedule for the online quests, so if you miss it the first time, you can still catch it again later.

There are going to be three different kinds of online quests. Event Quests will allow one to four players to work together on a quest in the hopes of earning specialized weapons. Gigantic Monster Quests will be a one day quest where players must board a ship and fight Jhen Mohran. Arena Quests, which is depicted in the screenshot above, is a co-op multiplayer experience where two players take down beats in either a time attack or traditional battle.

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