RE: Alistair becomes RE: Alistair++

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RE: Alistair++Visual novel and dating simulation fans are going to want to take a second look at RE: Alistair. Independent developer Sakevisual announced April 10, 2010 via the Lemma Soft Forums that the game has been expanded, enhanced and rereleased as RE: Alistair++. It’s still free, still available for Windows, Mac and Linux and there’s even an updated walkthrough at the RE: Alistair++ website.

RE: Alistair++ gives you more. More events with the guys, more CG scenes and more after game extras and bonuses. There are also character profiles now, along with a gallery and bonus section that unlock as you play. The game is also better organized, as the date is constantly displayed in the upper right corner and all the buttons adjacent to the dialogue box take you to the save screen, stat screen, options and title screen. There are also now handy buttons to skip seen dialogue and turn on the auto mode.

If you’ve ever even been remotely interested in visuals, you should definitely check out RE: Alistair. While the original was a great game on its own, RE: Alistair++ is even better. I downloaded it two hours ago and love all of the new extra touches! The ending “epilogues” and extra events are great! I’ve also noticed that Sakevisual’s put a little extra love and effort into the existing script, making it even better and longer than before.

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  • Julitz

    Where i can dwonload this game??
    i love visual novel game^^

  • Jenni Lada

    Its available at the Re: Alistair++ website for free.

  • Catherine

    This game was super cute. It took me a few times to guess who Alistair was and I had to peek at the walk through in order to get Travis (<3);
    but the ending where you get Travis is really adorable:

    *Oda has joined your team*