Gamestop exclusive Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Big Boss Pack

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metal gear solid peace walker psp bundleIn the most recent edition of the Gamestop e-mail newsletter, Gamestop said it would have its own version of the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP-3000 bundle.

The name of this Gamestop exclusive bundle is the “Sony PSP GameStop Exclusive Big Boss Bundle for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.”

Sure, there is a regular bundle that pretty much everywhere else would end up having but there are a few differences:

  • The non-exclusive bundle will have a green PSP-3000. The Big Boss pack will have a “camouflaged” PSP-3000.
  • The camo design is said to be influenced by the Costa Rican setting. The thing that probably brought about the addition of a bundle with camo PSP is the fact that some people weren’t happy with the green PSP in the originally announced bundle.
  • The non-exclusive bundle will come with a two GB Memory Stick Pro Duo. “Big Boss” will come with a four GB Memory Stick Pro Duo.
  • The non-exclusive bundle will not have a carrying case. Big Boss will have a premium carrying case.

As for similarities, both bundles come with a UMD copy of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and should both have the voucher for free online content for game once you start playing, at least in the United States. They both should have the battery pack and AC adapter, as those come standard with any bundle.

Because the Big Boss pack adds in a carrying case and a larger memory card, one could end up thinking that the price might go up. It doesn’t. Both bundles will be $199.99.

They will be ready for purchase at Gamestop on June 8, 2010, and the pre-order deadline is 11:00 a.m., June 7, 2010.

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