Japan Import: The world gets its first look at Pokemon Black and White

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Pokemon Black and WhiteMorning everyone! It’s April 15, 2010, and that means that the Pokemon Black and White website updated today! It isn’t a huge update, like we all were expecting. If anything, it’s downright disappointing.

See, only a few screenshots were added to the Pokemon Black and White website. And these six screenshots aren’t even new! They already appeared in two Japanese magazines, Famitsu and CoroCoro Comics. You’d think Nintendo would take the opportunity to show visitors just a little bit more. Maybe another new pokemon or two.

The screenshots do allow us to see that Pokemon Black and White will have more 3D elements than any of the other Pokemon DS games. The battle screenshot with Zoroark and Zorua facing each other also seems more colorful and vibrant than it has in previous entries as well. The screenshots also make the setting seem a bit more contemporary. The one of the city, Pokemon Center area and overpass all look more like everyday settings as opposed to the sometimes rustic and rural locals in the previous Pokemon games.

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