C2E2 2010: Arcade DLX showcases home arcade systems

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Arcade DLX, a company that makes and sells home arcade systems, showcased it’s work at C2E2 2010 at booth 1334. If you have ever wanted to own your own arcade system, one that can house many games instead of just a few, then this is one company you’ll want to check out.

The Arcade DLX arcade machines look just like those old machines you used to stand in front of for hours at the arcade. (You probably still do!) Each system runs off of Windows XP, which means you can add as many games as will fit on the computer. Since we’re are talking about old arcade games, that can mean quite a few! The one I tried out at C2E2 had old Midway, Namco, and Atari games on it. These come pre-installed in the unit, but you can add more as you desire.

Each arcade system includes a 27 inch screen, and when it comes to controls there are two 8-way joysticks with fire buttons and one trackball. You can also have red, green or blue neon lights built in to the box and can also customize the marquee on the system so it can say whatever you’d like.

Most systems are ready made, but Arcade DLX also accepts special requests if you have a theme in mind. For example, if you wanted to put together a Wizard of Oz-themed system, the company would oblige. For more information on the arcade machines Arcade DLX creates or to purchase a system (prices vary based on system and customization), check out Arcade DLX’s website or go visit its booth at C2E2 2010.

Site [Arcade DLX] Site [Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo]

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