Nintendo hit with patent suit regarding multiple Wii attachments

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wii motion plusA lawsuit filed against Nintendo by IA Labs accuses the company of patent infringement with nearly every Wii controller or attachment of the current console generation.

Listed in the suit are the Nintendo Wii, Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, the Wii Balance Board, Wii Remote (aka WiiMote), Wii Wheel, Wii MotionPlus, Wii Nunchuck and Wii Zapper. (Seems the only thing IA Labs isn’t alleging Nintendo took from them is Super Mario.

IA Labs, also known as Powergrid Fitness, is a Maryland-based company that promotes isometric exercises combined with existing video games. The company is seeking “a court declaration that Nintendo is infringing on the patents, and it’s pursuing an injunction against the alleged infringements in addition to unspecified damages.”

IA sued Nintendo’s Japan headquarters and Nintendo of America on April 2, 2010, and its claim said that in 2007 it inquired about possible overlaps of IA and Nintendo products. IA even wanted to license some of its exercise based controllers to Nintendo, according to the suit. Two of IA Labs’ motion-based controllers did win Consumer Electronics Show awards in two separate years.

Nintendo is fresh off a victory in a suit alleging that Wii’s classic controller, the Nintendo GameCube controller and wireless GameCube WaveBird infringed on the patent of Anascape’s 3D Controller with Vibration. That April 13, 2010, ruling overturned a Texas District Court ruling that ordered Nintendo to pay Anascape $28 million.

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