PS3 firmware 3.30 makes the console 3D

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PS3 SlimPS3 Firmware 3.30 has just been released by Sony, but at the moment the really cool new features aren’t accessible. The only changes you can really see are the ones to the SCEA Terms of Service/User Agreement/Privacy Policy and the PS3 Trophy System. The other two features, 3D stereoscopic gaming support and VAIO remote play, aren’t accessible yet.

With the arrival of Sony’s PS3 firmware 3.30 comes an update to the SCEA Terms of Service and User Agreement and Privacy Policy for the PlayStation Network. Of course, if you have a PlayStation account, you received an email at the account you registered with letting you know all this and asking you to review the changes. The new terms state that Sony can automatically update or upgrade your system without telling you or your permission, and that these new updates may change your system and its functions. Sounds like this is directed at people who are upset PS3s can’t run Linux anymore.

The Trophy System enhancements just make it easier to sort through the trophies you’ve earned so far. You can sort by game name and date, by when you earned your most recent trophies and by trophy information like name or grade. It also makes it easier to sort and compare trophies when looking at them and your friends’.

Firmware 3.30 also takes the first steps towards making the PS3 a 3D console. It prepares the console for 3D stereoscopic gaming and support. This means your PS3s will be compatible with any 3D TVs, like the forthcoming 3D Sony Bravia. You’ll need 3D PS3 games of course as well, of which there are none at the moment.

Finally, Andriasang points out an interesting note at the Japanese PlayStation 3 firmware update page concerning firmware 3.30. The page there states that Sony VAIO PCs will be able to registered as a device under the Remote Play Settings. The page also states that the Japanese VAIO website will eventually offer instructions on how to enable the computers for Remote Play. This means all PS3s with firmware 3.30 have this capability waiting inside for the right moment.

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