Free MAG Fast Attack Gear Pack DLC arrives April 29

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AG Sniper RifleGood news MAG players, more DLC is on the way. While the idea of more content being added to the game is a welcome prospect on its own, it’s made even better since Zipper Interactive has announced it’s free DLC. Hurry to the PlayStation Store on April 29, 2010 to download and arm your characters with the Fast Attack Gear Pack.

The Fast Attack Gear Pack includes lots of new equipment for your characters to use in the game. The update includes Raven’s HM 90 SE, SVER’s SASR M and Valor’s MK 14 Mod 1 EBR, three sniper rifles. I’m not sure if they’ll give you an advantage, but the new additions will add variety. The DLC also includes Improved Light Armor to protect your characters. You’ll have to pay for the armor with 400 in-game credits if you want it.

It’s nice to see that Zipper Interactive is going to keep supporting MAG and its fans with free DLC. The game multiplayer FPS debuted January 26, 2010 in North America. The first DLC for the game was the “Trooper Gear Pack” released March 25, 2010, and it was also a free download.

I wonder if this is the start of unofficial monthly updates. I mean, look at the schedule so far. The Trooper Gear Pack was released March 25. Now, a little over a month later the Fast Attack Gear Pack is coming April 29. I wonder if Zipper Interactive has something planned for the week of May 24, 2010. All of the DLC so far has been new equipment, so maybe one of the future updates will add new maps.

Image Source: PlayStation.Blog

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