God of War: Ghost of Sparta headed to PSP in 2010

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God of War Ghost of Sparta

Do you believe in ghosts? Sony has good reason to as Kratos, the warrior known as the Ghost of Sparta, has become one of the company’s most marketable and well-known characters.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is the latest installment for the PlayStation Portable and will be available before the end of 2010. Development chores again go to Ready at Dawn Studios, which did a critically-acclaimed job on the previous PSP installment Chains of Olympus.

Like God of War: Chains of Olympus did, God of War: Ghost of Sparta goes backward in the God of War timeline. It takes place after the end of the first game and tells the story of Kratos’ ascension to the throne he jacked from Ares. The God of War series consistently earns high ratings whether on PS2, PS3 or PSP.

New features Sony is touting for this one include 25% more gameplay, more detailed environments and new weapons. I’m curious to see what weapons they come up with and if they explain why these weapons didn’t appear in the second game. We’re also getting a glimpse into how Sony may keep this popular series going. According to the storyline, Kratos served the gods for several years after Ares spared his life. Thus, there could be a nearly infinite series of adventures in the years between Kratos selling his soul to Ares and turning on the gods.

Kratos has always pushed the boundaries with sex and violence playing a huge role in this Greek-mythology based tour de force. Ghost of Sparta’s rating is pending but I do not think I am going out on a limb in guessing “Mature.”

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